Las Vegas - world series of poker winner to pay 72 % ! tax on his winnings

  This kid  is  from Denmark.  Will the U.S. tax structure  go in this direction too  ?

  This year's winner, Peter Eastgate, 24, hails from Denmark. Assuming he is
subject to Danish taxation he faces an effective tax bite of 72.27%.

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were 70%, before Ronald Reagan dropped it to 34%. Imagine that, you EARN $100,000 / year , and Uncle Sam took $70,000 of it?!? Thank you R.R.I had an economics instructor (phd), who stated that it should have been raised 15% more!!?? Not just 15% more of the 70%, he meant 85% !!! Typical college Phd., with no real life experience at all. LIBERALS, my are they stupid!

Hahaha, speaking of Ronald Reagan, he was one of the greatest welfare queens of our time. He was the first to exponentially expand the Earned Income Tax Credit, one of the largest welfare programs in our country today. Followed by your fiscal conservative George H.W. Bush who also used it to raise taxes.

Yay fiscal conservatives!

STUPID!! Who can pass laws, the Executive branch or, the Legislative branch of Government??! You , obviously DO NOT KNOW, do you?! What a jackass! Instead of taking band, and being a Glee Club member in high school,you should have taken a few government or civics classes . Because mister, you are woefully STUPID!!

I obviously do. Congress can propose laws and send them to the President. The President sign's or veto's a bill into law. I also believe HE was the one who proposed the expansion. Gerald Ford, also a Republican was when the EIC was passed into law.

History of the EIC

"If Republicans put into practice their campaign rhetoric, then the Republican control of the Congress for the last ten years should have resulted in at least a reduction of the EITC program, if not its outright elimination. Such has not been the case, however, for the program now costs more than the federal AFDC budget, and has even spread to the states. Seventeen states now offer tax credits for "working families" based on the federal EITC. "

Quit blaming Democrats like Republicans have any credibility left to point fingers. They are ALL corrupt. Only until more people become involved in the political process will things actually happen as they should with the proper accountability and transparency.

if the Prez, doesn't sign the bill, it AUTOMATICALLY, becomes LAW, after 30 days! Now, who passes laws, the Legislative Branch or, Executive branch? ! Oh, and why again isn't Toledo a shining city on the lake since, it has ALWAYS BEEN RUINED BY DEMONCRAPS!!! To believe anything a DEm says , is to believe LIARS. Where is Toledos' new police recruits promised?

"Wrong again poof, if the Prez, doesn't sign the bill, it AUTOMATICALLY, becomes LAW, after 30 days! "

And yet, Gerald Ford, Ronald Reagan, and George H.W Bush ALL signed bills authorizing/expanding the EIC.

But you can continue to resort to the local Democrats, if you'd like, because I don't resort to party politics and have no problem saying just about ALL of the local Democrats in this town are sham's. However, so are the local Republicans.

are living a much better existence in Perrysburg, Oregon, Sylvania,Bedford, Maumee, Rossford, Temperence, etc. where , the schools are better,crime is much lower, taxes,are much lower, the air is cleaner, and on and on. Toledo, is a shadow , barely even that , of what it once was, and sadly, will never be again. Litle used to be a positive more!

because you wimps believe liars, you are perplexed as to why you vote for morons like Finkwhiner, Kaptur,and etc.And NOTHING good happens! When will you learn? It's like the black folks voting for Dims', as their schools are the worst, roads are the worst,etc., and they still believe Dems' are beneficial for them?! Idiocy!

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