Theives take boxing ring

You know it is bad when a boxing ring gets stolen. What happened to the good old days of purse snatching?

Toledo boxing ring stolen

Glass City Boxing is the training home of Devin Vargas

A Toledo boxing school is missing its ring after someone stole it! The ring at Glass City Boxing was swiped sometime Sunday.

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in Toledo, anything is possible. You will find the 'ring', listed on E-Bay, P.D.Q.That will lead to the perps, who, no doubt, are Dims'. It will be a hapless Dim, recently laid off from the CITY, or Jeep,and he will look alot like that guy who used to hold Finkwhiners penis, during urination! What is that lunatics name?

Chris , who is this guy, he is over the top

Have ya ever heard of spell check? How about i-e except after C??? Wow. And to think this guy wanted to be on the school board...he can't even spell.


So, if that kind of typo bothers you, then what do you think about the errors (yes, plural) that Ford made on his "application" to get onto the TPS BOE? He made mistakes on BOTH his phone number and home address, to my recollection. His app also looked one step above Crayola, if you know what I mean. It was quite infantile.

As for myself, I make spelling mistakes, but since I started using Firefox (which has an autochecker for spelling), my mistakes dropped to a truly tiny value. So perhaps Mr Myers isn't using Firefox.

BUT I DO, so I end up looking like a better speller because of it. So perhaps you could crawl out of his nose for a second, and look at the people that made it onto that Board, and find the real flaws extant there.

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