Jimmy Jackson - not so much the hero any more?



Looks like the mayor's pal is getting sued for 1.8 million bucks! Ya think we'll ever get back the steam plant he was given? What about the frigging $300,000 of our money the boy was also given in a nice shiny package to get him started?

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black man have to be, before he is no longer a boy? I heard a news commentator refer to Senator Barack Obama as boy on election night.

When will we ever learn?

It's retarded.

STFU. Seriously. S T F U.

If anyone BUT Twila thought I was making a racist statement here I was not -

Comments ON topic will be appreciated.

purnhrt is right, putting boy in your post borders on inappropriate. Don't put it then she won't have to correct you.

You're joking, right?

I hear people refer to grown men as boys* all the time. The PC police are getting out of control.

(* My PC disclaimer, lest I be accused of sexism: I often hear grown women referred to as girls too.)

P.S. How often do you hear people refer to grown white men as "white boy"? Happens all the time.

Some people let ANYTHING rattle their cage.
They look for small shit just so they can complain.
They are only happy in a 'complain' mode.

Rise above it, Purehate !


I am not joking. I do think it "borders" on being a wrong term.

where does that leave you when you complain about

the "Good ole' boys " system that controls politics in

Toledo ?

Should THEY take offense at these words ?

"Good ole boys" when used to refer to the entrenched network of long-time political or business associates who work together to control things in a town is a lot different from referring to a grown black man as "boy". You don't have to be a linguist or college professor to understand the difference. We all understand what it means.

That doesn't even make sense.

you appear to be a very cunning linguist.

Can you explain to me the recent post regarding the ability of black men to call themselves "homeBOYS', and "BOYZ in the hood" if it is such an offensive term ???

Purehate - you can chime in on this anytime, also.

While I don't think Billy meant to use "boy" in a derogatory way, I do wonder why people insist on refering to Purnhrt using her real name. While not offensive, there is a reason she is not using her real name here and that needs to be respected.

NOw that that is out of the way, I should point out that a number of us just had this discussion about words and cultural meanings and purnhrt was part of that. Remember? She didn't know that the C-word held negative connotations. It is not widely known that "boy" is derogative...it is a fixture of southern vernacular.


What was the comment from the talking head? That Obama was a good old boy?

I've always thought that when a boy starts shaving he's a young man. At either 18 or when he enters the service and completes boot camp, he's a man. During boot camp he's a maggot, at best. Other, more creative names are used as well.

Mad Jack
Mad Jack's Shack

Old prejudices die hard.

I thought,until you read the first pile of idiots. Whiners ,ALWAYS, whine, I guess,and NOW KNOW!! All , Dim's get star struck with celebrities, they fawn all over these overpaid jackasses like dogs drool over supper! Toledo, was conned by a celebrity, and we AIN'T ever going to get our money back! The steam plant should have been raised to open up the river-view, like every other riverside park in the world ,EXCEPT, here in Toledo ,where , Demonrats are so blasted stupid ,they ACTUALLY think,they are not! PWOOF, IS EVERYWHERE!! GOD, please , instill into the tiny brains of Toledo socialists some sense, before, we all end up working for CHINA !!! General Motors needs $73.20/hour to BUILD JUNK! Toyota, needs only $48.00/hour and BUILD GREAT CARS!!! Unions, Demo craps, and hopelessly informed buttsniffers, NEED to get over their love affair with COMMUNISM, it simply DOES NOT WORK!!! The topic is Jimmy Jackson,and how he screwed us, using our own tax dollars, anything worth commenting there ,you HATE FILLED SIMPLETONS!!!!

I agree with one sentence Mike typed.

Dim's get star struck with celebrities, they fawn all over these overpaid jackasses like dogs drool over supper!

I knew from the get go that David Ball and Jimmy Jackson had SCAM written all over that proposal and Jack Ford kissed cheeks and shoved it through with the help of Frank Szollozi and his buddies.

I wonder if Frank ever got the stench of JJ's ass off his breath.

David Ball comes on and types crap about "tax-breaks" and some old building credit application...three fucking years ago.

David Ball is a fat fucking liar.

Hope they invested that $300,000 in some bonds, cuz they're gonna need it.

for what I express here, you puddle deep thinkers WOULD not have a THING to moan about! Please, use other bloggers to get your 'ideas and material ' from.Your replies aren't at all above what I suspect to be 'theft' , from bloggers elsewhere. Any original thoughts you pukes have ever had was probably ...HMMMM.....NEVER !

Jackson and Ball obviously pulled a fast one on the city of Toledo by leveraging our wretched government's intense bias about "economic development". Their fast talking got them $300K at least. I can only posit that some of that found itself back in J-Fo's campaign fund, given the timing of the matter.

The entire matter is so clearly outrageous that it's embarrassing to see it's STILL stuck at some court level. The Steam Plant sits equally still. Not even missing a beat, Toledo keeps on talking about COSI and the ESM and that latest and largest of scams -- the Marina District. This suffering will continue until we Toledoans wake up. Awake, we will see that "economic development" is just a greased slide for getting public money into the pockets of do-nothing developers who from their backgrounds seem to be better suited as crack addicts and assorted street people.

Dave Ball has a great track record of success in downtown development. The Ohio Building is full and is one of the most beautiful buildings in downtown. The Gardner Building, right across the street, is also successful. The old Woolworth's building looks great as the new First Merit Bank.

The first development he failed at was the first one he tried to do with government help. That is telling. . .

It amazes me that a guy has as much success as Dave Ball has had in successfully redeveloping properties and when one fails, we want to run him out of town.

Toledo never changes. . .

I don't want him run out of town. I just want our $300K back and a clear admission from Ball that he can't complete the project.

And for the record, what never changes in Toledo is the public getting completely defrauded by property developers. That you even attempt to defend them, more than shows you're in their pockets.

If I'm "in their pockets," why aren't I rich?

Perhaps you're just bitter and angry at people who are more successful than you. I don't know, but you're obviously bitter about something and seem to suffer from some sort of class envy.

I just know what I saw. I had an office in the Ohio Building. I used to eat lunch in the Gardner Building, and I've seen the First Merit Building. All are successful. I don't know of another developer with a track record of success in downtown.

Getting a political fluff job in Toledo was part of your reward. Don't pretend otherwise. I'm sure you'd want to get paid $60K or so again for continuing to support the same system of defrauding the Toledo taxpayer.

Note well that I'm bitter and angry not about success, but about the $300K that Ball and Jackson stole from the city. Theft or a failed plan are NOT successes. REAL successful people also don't run away with the money, or refuse to pay it back when owed. The project didn't go anywhere, so we require our money back. Those are the facts.

Why do you hate the Toledo taxpayer, Brian?

My reward for what? Believe me. That job was no "fluff" job and it was no reward. I was doing real well at the port authority and wish I'd never left. Such is life.

I didn't work for Ford and wasn't part of that deal. I agree that Ball and Jackson should give back the money and the property. I'm just pointing out that Ball has a track record of success.

I also agree that the city's economic development department is a sham. It should not exist. It should be turned over to the LCIC. The city plays a bunch of little ball that could be handled by one person inside the LCIC.

Your job WAS a fluff job since you got paid, what, $60K/yr? ... to help Czarty pretend he was managing Toledo's government. On YOUR qualifications. So, it was either that or "clerk", so at least what you did was economically rational.

Your pointing out Ball's so-called successes simply wasn't germane to the discussion. We're talking about THIS FAILURE, called the Steam Plant. Do try to focus, Brian. I'm also speaking for YOUR benefit.

You still don't sufficiently understand (or will admit to understanding) that economic development is a SCAM. It doesn't matter WHICH level of government performs it. Moving Toledo's E.D. retards to the county isn't going to fix the system. SHUTTING THEM DOWN, will fix it. The government doesn't create wealth. The government doesn't "make" the economy. It can only tax and spend, and that taxation should be applied equally, and that spending should be applied to infrastructure, auditing and enforcement.

It's painful to consider that a man who did the Mayor's bidding as as direct representative can't even construct these basic, logical arguments to save his life. :^P

In my police training, they taught me never to argue with the mentally ill. Guest Zero, you have some serious issues.

Are related to Mr. Coon? You seem to have the same level of bitterness and anger.

I actually got paid closer to $80,000. I'm pretty sure you don't know my qualifications for any job.

to learn what the rest of us know innately.
I try hard to picture you as a Highway Patrolman....

The image just does not appear in my mind.

"Good evening, sir. My name is Officer Lapdawgg. The reason I pulled you over was to violate your First Amendment rights. "

like you must have had many situations where you totally compromised ethics, laws, your 'manhhood',etc., when working with such a corrupt pol. Holding his wanker during urination must have been especially,shameless. Licking the toilet seat clean before and after ,Carlton ,defecated also must have been very embarrassing. Did you really clean up the emesis from Carltons' son, after puking binges??! GOD, you Dims', are as repugnant as I always thought. Some , worse than others.

Like I said, you're skilled at distraction, not logical discourse. You cannot deny the points I outlined, hence you went onward to dismissals based on trigger words.

The sad fact is that if what you say is true, then your entire tenure under that nutcase Czarty only shows your deceitful character. You sure as heck take ORDERS from the mentally ill.

80 grand for deceiving and distracting Toledoans. Hey, it beat workin', didn't it? Maybe when you finally grow up, you'll understand honor, hence will finally feel shame over what you've participated in.

McCloskey was a great councilperson for his district he represented.

People get in over their heads and screw up.

Don't blame government. Ball allegedly has been waiting on some farce paperwork for what...three years?

Someone that "successful" shouldn't have to wait three years for a "tax credit" nonsense.

And let's not forget that Bill Carroll personally vouched for this scam.

And as with what GZ has said, give the money back and forfeit the title to the land...

Name: Brian Maxson

Date: Apr 21, 2005

Well, looks like the Toledo Free Press is first with the facts, INCLUDING a rebuttal by Rod Kagy. Bob Frantz hit it right on the head. Jack Ford will blatently lie right to the faces of Toledoans just to get his way.

Relative to the incentive,Mayor Jack Ford said, "both proposals anticipated the $300,000."He said the KG&R proposal had come in piecemeal. "It began to dawn on me that these folks were just trying to put whatever they could into the mix to strike a chord."

We now know that is a blatent lie. What also drove me nuts was this little bombshell.

Dwight Smith, director of the Northwest Ohio Regional Council of Carpenters, said a colleague of his had just been at a meeting of the Associated General Contractors of Akron, where no one had ever heard of Jera Contractors, the construction manager on the project, or its president, Dana Noel. Smith expressed concern about Jera’s ability to handle a project of this size, referring to Noel as "a construction manager who’s doing a pretty good job of staying under the radar." In response, Noel said he has worked on historic rehab projects for the four years he’s been in business for himself, doing jobs for private developers. He says he doesn’t solicit business.

I highly doubt building woodsheds and handicap access ramps constitutes having the ability to handle a huge and expensive job.

Let it also be known that Jack was speaking after the meeting with the mike on, and he said, right into an OPEN MIKE at the podium, that Jera needs to be found and validated, in 24 hours.

Jack got his info in 24 hours. Talk about a scammin' mother f-er.

Wow, I had forgotten about all that Jera nonsense. Thanks! I sure hope Schwartz likes crow meat, since he's going to be eating a LOT of it in this thread. :^D

This link has some very interesting conversation on this topic:


People like me were predicting failure for this project back then (I was posting on the Recall Ford site), and we were utterly vindicated. Too bad the Schwartzes of the world can't afford to admit what a SCAM most economic development really is.

Really, folks: READ THE LINK. You go from Ford and Ball and Jackson defending spending and projections and the usual "real estate can only go up" type of assertions, to blatant refutations of the entire project, to wit:

"It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out the condo market, not only here in Toledo, but anywhere, just does not exist," Mr. Ball said. "Thank God we didn't start this project because we would have hated to be in the ground now because the market has changed."

This was all a fraud since the developers demonstrated no intention of getting the project done within the scope of the national housing bubble. These guys were property developers and businessmen, older than I am, with every bit of the access I had to historical and current information about real estate. They can't sanely claim they didn't know there was a national housing bubble and time was of the essence.

BECAUSE IF THEY DID MAKE THAT CLAIM, then they were a pair of dolts, and then we can only ask why Ford and the Council approved the development proposal from a pair of dolts? Either they lied, or they're incompetent. There is no third choice. And that means that either the Council was complacent or just stupid. Again, no third choice there, either.

Bill Carroll about the steamplant issue and instead put him on the carpet with the facts, this wouldn't even be an issue today...

that Billy may not have known that the word "boy" when applied to a black man is a derogatory word. If that is the case then it would not have been a racist statement.

However, we must all become cognizant of what is offensive racially and genderally (is that a word?)and respect all people.

In the incident of the commentator the comment that was made went like this........"that boy from Illinois".......................

I was not able to access the site yesterday and was not able to comment.

I do not see anyone up-in-arms criticizing a Black person for using the terms...

Boyz from the Hood or Home Boys.

J.D. Hogg once said...
That boy's got a bright future ahead of him. I knew it when he gave his most eloquent opening campaign speech:

If man has no tea in him, he is incapable of understanding truth. ~Japanese Proverb

that about brings it all home, I'd say.

Purehate racially nitpicking, as usual.

I do, actually to a point, agree with that. If a particular word is offensive to the black population -- why do they still consider using such words. Lindsay Lohan, as the dumbshit that she is, got flak for saying 'colored' people. Yet, one of the largest organizations for the advancement of equal rights is called the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP). Its' 2008, if its' offensive, rename it to the National Association for the Advancement of African-American People (NAAAAP).

Not to mention, I can't count how many times I've heard a black person say the ever so derogatory N word.

If its' derogatory, then quit the double standard and EVERYONE quit using it. Otherwise, its' hardly equal rights when you argue one group can do something another group can't. How about everyone quit reading too much into language and actually talk about the subject of the taxpayer's being raped by government handouts.

Of course its ok for them to call themselves that in the same way they toss the dreaded N word around like its a term of endearment.
It all changes if a white person uses that term though.


There is derogatory and there is offensive.

NAACP was started by white philanthropists in the early 1900s. In the early 1900's we (black) people were called colored or Negro. Sometime in the 1960's during the Civil Rights movement, we decided that we were not colored and we named ourselves. The name we picked was African American or black people.

To go back and rename the NAACP would be disrespectful, (among other reasons) to the people who started the organization.

Colored, boy (when referred to a black man) and Negro are offensive words. The N word is derogatory.

Using derogatory words are meant to belittle or diminish the person. Such as the "N" word and as I have recently learned the "C" word.

To call a black person colored or a black man boy is offensive because we were once colored and black men were once boys. But we have never been N******.

Not capiche.

"To go back and rename the NAACP would be disrespectful, (among other reasons) to the people who started the organization."

How would this be "disrespectful"? Its' disrespectful to change the name to reflect the reality of the growing trend toward equality between whites and blacks?

NAACP should be dismantled because the name no longer reflects rhe times? I hate the name National Association for the Advancement of "colored" People and was taught to be leery of organizations with the word "colored" in them. But the NAACP is an organization that will stand the tests of time. I would even go so far as to say that the biggest contributors to this organization are white peole. So maybe you can research why the name is still using the word "colored."

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