The Food Nazis-coming soon to a country near you

Greasy roadside snack vans 'must offer at least one healthy option or face being closed'[UK]
Daily Mail ^ | 10 Nov 2008 | Daily Mail

Greasy roadside takeaways serving motorists burgers and chips will be shut down if they fail to offer new healthier alternatives, under new rules revealed today.

The snack vans, often found in busy lay-bys, must now offer soup, salads or low fat yogurts with their artery-clogging kebabs.

They must also limit the amount of mayonnaise served - because it has been branded a 'very high fat product'.

Environmental health officers will inspect menus during routine hygiene checks.

And traders who fail to meet the strict new standards in Guildford, Surrey, will be refused a street trader's licence when it comes up for renewal each year.

Councillors at Guildford Borough Council this week reviewed their street traders policy for the first time in seven years and insisted every menu has at least one healthy option.

The list of recommended food includes low fat grilled sausage with wholemeal bread, chilli con carne with lean mince and jacket potato with a selection of fillings.

A report to the council's licensing committee said: 'In accordance with the council's health promotion programme, it is recommended that at least one healthy meal choice be provided for customers.'

The report added: 'It is important that the use of mayonnaise is limited since this is a very high fat product.

'It could be offered to the customer to add himself as a choice.' Grant Harris, who has run the Skip's Catering food van from a lay-by on Guildford's A281 for five years, thinks his customers will continue to eat burgers and chips.

He said: 'Our customers are mainly scaffolders, builders and lorry drivers and they are not going to want this new food.

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Hmmmm.....shouldn't take us as long to catch up as I thought...

California Cracks Down ... On Bake Sales
CBS News ^ | November 11, 2008

(CBS) In California it's still legal to sell cupcakes, cookies and brownies in a bakery ... but not at a school bake sale.

That fundraising slice of Americana - loaded with sugar and fat - has been banned in California schools by government order, reports CBS News correspondent John Blackstone.

At Piedmont High School, principal Randall Booker has enforced a zero tolerance policy for what used to be a campus tradition.

"I love the bake sales," he said. "I eat them myself. But there are state laws that we just have to abide by."

To combat the epidemic of childhood obesity, new state nutrition guidelines strictly limit the fat, sugar and total calories of any food sold on campus during school days - even before and after school.

At Montclair Elementary, the hall is lined with photos of the annual fundraiser, where eating has always played a central role.

"Food sales are a big part of our community," said Wendy Morrison, the mother of a fifth-grader. "They're more than just the selling of food. It's community coming together."

Morrison mourns the loss.

"It was actually a beloved tradition at the school."

California's effort to get fat and sugar out of school foods goes far beyond the disappearing bake sale tables. School lunches no longer consist of hot dogs, french fries and nachos. Choices now include spinach salad, healthy burritos and grilled chicken.

Principal Booker also says Piedmont High no longer sells soft drinks like Coke and Pepsi.

And the kids miss the junk food.

"Oh, I used to have nachos and sour cream and chili like everyday. They don't sell that any more. But now I have to settle for, like, this whatever," said one student.

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'I used to have compassion, but they taxed it and legislated it out of existence.'


'I used to have compassion, but they taxed it and legislated it out of existence.'

Maybe if obesity and diabetes weren't exploding, in turn exploding the costs of healthcare that we all share, this wouldn't be an issue.

I think it's more a case of the meddlers and busybodies wanting to tell everyone how to live his life.

Virtually any diet, regardless of how bad, can be counteracted by one thing.... EXERCISE.

I worked for a woman who ate nothing but junk food. Her average lunch consisted of potato chips, pop, and cookies.

However she ran 8 miles daily and was an Olympic pre-qualifier in marathons.

On average experts suggest that just 3 30min exercise sessions per week can increase your health without any change in diet.



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