Chris Myers loses tight race - receives 119 K from Lockheed Martin

   Ok, I didn't see this  result  until today   .  This guy has a big resume .   

   Ya , this Chris  is from the garden state


     new Jersey State Sen. John Adler (D) eked out a win over Medford Councilman Chris Myers (R) for the open seat of retiring Rep. Jim Saxton (R). This was a bright spot in an otherwise disappointing year for New Jersey Democrats, who had hoped to gain three seats in the Garden State.



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been exposed. I apologize. My dual state citizenship has now been discovered. I had a wonderful time on Medford Council. I want to congratulate Adler for his win.

I still think we can get you to switch parties and run as a Democrat. The end justifies the means.

I think you could contribute much more to Toledo School Board than the hacks that are there now.

Sometimes that is the only way to get elected in Lucas County.

Look at Republican wannabe Finkenheimer's political track record.
He did it - so can YOU !

Sometimes you have to fake it till you can make it !
- I'll do your signs.

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