China's path to world power- and Chinese cars for sale soon in American dealerships ?

  Will Obama put a stop to this trade deficit ?

Chinese auto production has quintupled since 2001. She now produces more cars
than Germany and may exceed the United States in 2009. While Chinese auto
exports are still heavily in parts, finished cars are coming soon to a dealer
near you. The Chinese will likely run the sword through the last standing member
of America's Big Three.

Before 2004, China's manufacturing trade surplus with America was largely in
textiles and apparel. But, since then, China's rocketing trade surplus in
electronics, computers and parts has far exceeded her surplus in textiles and

China's trade surplus in computers and components rose from $8.1 billion in
2001 to $73.5 billion in 2007. In cellular phones and parts, her worldwide trade
surplus grew from $3 billion in 2003 to $50 billion in 2007, and may reach $60
billion by year's end.






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"Will Obama put a stop to this trade deficit ?"

LOL - The Chinese just bankrolled him to the White House. Don't hold your breath waiting for that deficit to be reduced.

All this time I thought the Arabic nations and Al-Queda backed him.

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