Why I don't feel bad that Obama won and my odd sense of optimism

When Bill Clinton was elected I was truly concerned for the country, but the election of Obama is different. The loss of McCain brings a bit of relief, a relief that maybe I won't have to apologize for being a Republican (e.g. the out of control spending, stance on immigration and the bailout). I feel comfort and optimism that maybe things can be set right and that we can feel proud like in 1994 when Republicans won based on solid values. I knew that if McCain won, he would cause much more problems to the Party with his centrist beliefs and maybe I am relieved of that too. Regardless, it is strange but I have more hope for the future of Republicans now more than ever. Time will tell how long it remains. Here are some other great posts on the election you can look at

I do think Obama will be a 1 term president because people will be more disillusioned the more decisons he makes, such as appointing very partisan and old school members of the Clinton administration. That coupled with his stratosphere expectations from the far left will hamper him like LBJ was hampered by similar expectations.

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He has been in bed with Democrats so often that he caught a case of Liberalism. For the Republican Party, having Obama elected is the best option.

However, I do not share your sense of optimism. Once Obama starts bankrupting the coal industry and all those people lose their jobs and the price of electricity goes through the roof, once Obama and the Liberal congress reinstate the offshore drilling ban forcing the price of oil back up, once Obama starts taking over peoples 401K accounts and rolling that money into Social Security, once the Dow Jones falls below 6000 as investors move their money into foreign stock markets to avoid the coming increases in taxes, I see one of the worst economic disasters the world has ever known.

Don't blame me,
I didn't vote for a

I can't disagree with most of what you said. However, "one of the worst economic disasters the world has ever known" is HERE already. The unwinding of trillions in mispriced derivatives is going to crash the world economy and crash it hard. REGIONAL economies will have to prevail, since people can still produce goods and services locally, as well as food. Africa will have to return to producing food crops instead of cash crops.

You don't see me squirting any tears over this crash. International commerce flipped in a mere generation ... from 90% transactions governing real products and services, to 90% governing currency and asset speculation. It became the biggest, open conspiracy, EVER. People were looking to "get rich" no matter what, and largely accomplished it without resorting to creating REAL VALUE (i.e. goods and services that people could obtain at prices that didn't bankrupt them).

It's been said that the world economy was broken up into groups that were assigned tasks. That may sound OK, except when you realize that the Third World was assigned the tasks of producing, and the USA and EU were assigned the tasks of consuming. That sort of thing leads to over-extensions of CREDIT ... and doesn't that sound familiar, somehow? YES. We're in a Credit Crisis. We kept handing out credit and kept allowing asset-speculation, and those who spent and "invested" began to over-reach themselves enormously. Fuck, the U.S. government is STILL trying to get people to do that ... with bank bailouts and by continuing to keep credit CHEAP. The interest rates are criminally low. A good hit of 15% should fix us right up in a jiffy.

That's where Carter's Presidency succeeded. He gave us the harsh medicine when we needed it. Since Americans are whiny entitlement welfare cases, few people admit that.

So, Obama is probably going to make the steps you outlined. Going after coal is stupid, when instead he should be using his executive power to ensure we exploit our MASSIVE (300-yr?) coal reserves safely. We allegedly have the best technology in the world. Why the FUCK can't Obama see that that tech base can be applied to all our pollution problems?

As for the DOW, it should be at 6000 anyway. Speculators drove it up to 14000. Sorry if you don't like that, but underlying economic ability is NOT what drove it. Counting America's debits as well as its credits -- in the Big Balance Sheet -- then the DOW should be about 6000 now.

Chrysler was being taken over by GM.

GM will be out of cash by next year.

WHY? Because cars run on gas. Gas, along with all plastics are made from oil.
And guess what? Democrats in Congress with the blessings of the Democrat President, have already said that they will reinstate the off-shore drilling ban.

Therefore, Democrats in Congress with the help and blessings of the Democrat in the Whitehouse will cause the death of most industries in America.

I can only laugh because the jobs that will be lost from the actions of this radical leftist President and his radical Socialist Congress will end up in the total obliteration of almost 100% of Union jobs.

And, since Union members are almost 100% Democrats, I GET TO WATCH AS DEMOCRATS TURN ON DEMOCRATS.

However, I do weep for America.

Don't blame me,
I didn't vote for a

Look, I'm not going to play some silly semantic game with you. The crash is HERE, meaning it's going to continue for years and have various effects over those years. You're pretending that "the worst is yet to come" means that the crash somehow isn't happening yet, or that we can't foresee anything.

I've been preparing for the imminent Great Depresion II for YEARS. What have YOU done to prepare, LCBM?

If Barak gets his Socialist way and you liberal whiners get your socialized healthcare, that will mean the death lf the Health Insurance Industry which employees 232,700

if Barry Obama gets his radical tree-hugger way and you liberal crybabies bankrupt the coal generated electrical power producers and stop drilling for oil, that will mean the death of the mining Industry which employees 114,690

If Barak Sotero gets his way and you liberals are able to end drilling for Oil, that will meant the death of the Plastics Industry which employees 47,100

The death of the Oil Industry will also mean the death of the Automotive Industry (which we are seeing right now). If the tree-hugging liberals, with the blessings of Barry Sotero get their way, the auto industry will continue to die and those 1,100,000 jobs die along with it.

So what have I done to prepare for this imminent Great Depression II?

In 2001, I voted for Al Gore. Because I knew from the signs that the economy was going south long before the 2001 election and I did not want a Republican President to be blamed for the crap that Bubba Clinton got America into. It is a shame that Bush did win the electorial votes.

And months ago, before Barak Husain Obama was the candidate, I moved my 401K and retirement investments into off-shore stocks. I knew that ANY Democrat would win against McCain because McCain is a spinless RINO.

And last week, the rest of the Stock Market also started transferring American Wealth overseas in order to dodge the comming tax increases.
You can easily see what electing Barak Obama did to the stock market in this graph
On November 5th, stocks opened at 9616. By Friday they were down to 8943.
And they will continue to drop steadily until just before January 20th.
Sometime around January 20th, when the rest of America realizes what is going to happen, the Dow will tank. Somewhere below 6000 is my guess.

And unemployement will continue to increase exponentially until the end of February, 2009 when it will bottom out.

Don't blame me,
I didn't vote for a

would have been so much better than the Chicago pimp,only complete fools could think otherwise.B.Hussein Obama,is going to immediately give citizenship to 20 million illegal/criminals.He will stop the border fence.He will raise taxes EXACTLY like Slick Willy did AFTER,promising us he'd LOWER them! We will be attacked ,without response EXACTLY,like Slick Willy was! He will appoint the most radical leftist judges in American history.And ,he will bankrupt the businesses he has ALREADY promised to do! Think positive thoughts all you desire,Demonrats,are about POWER,attaining it,and keeping it.That's why 20 million criminals will feel the need to vote for a partisan who gave them America ,on our dime! Look at Toledo! Is that too simple for milksops to comprehend the POWER THING??!! What dolts, this selfish twerp CANNOT even get his own family out of SLUMS,what makes you delusional fools he is going to do ANYTHING for America,that DOESN'T benefits Dimorats first and foremost! GOD,please ,spare me from child -like thinkers, who still believe in wishful thinking! I wish I could,I wish he could,I wish they could,what has wishing EVER gotten anybody?!

something you would feel if you were an born alive, aborted baby ,with this babykiller as Prez.You would have zero optimism, if you were Israeli.You would have little optimism, if you were a business owner.You would have no optimism ,if you worked in the coal industry. You would have GREAT optimism,if you were a terrorist planning a terrorist act on Americas' soil! Optimism,is a commodity America, does not have time to wish for,look at the stock market ,as the best indicator of the future.IT DOESN'T LOOK OPTIMISTIC,at all,with a Chicago pimp behind the wheel,a cliff is right ahead!!! LOOK OUT !!!

It's always better for the conservative movement if they lose. Then they don't have to compromise their principles with the pesky task of governing.

Pink Slip
A "threat to our political system"

Pink Slip

There was a conservative in the race? I must have missed that person with all the attention being paid to the magic negro and the doddering old codger.

I would suggest that the Republican Party lost, not conservatism.

saying Democrats do anything to stay in power? Republicans are supposed to do what is right not become prostitutes to power.

"I feel comfort and optimism that maybe things can be set right and that we can feel proud like in 1996 when Republicans won based on solid values."

I'm not sure what you won in '96. Clinton beat Dole in a landslide. You're probably referring to the '94 elections, when Rep. took control of the house, the 'contract with America', Newt Gingrich, and all that. That was the high point for Newt, he was never as strong after that.

"When Bill Clinton was elected I was truly concerned for the country"

Since Bill Clinton turned out to be a pretty damn good president and showed a willingness to work with Congress even after the Rep. took over in '94 your optimism toward Obama is understandable and hopefully well-placed.

allowed America to be attacked 12 times without a response. Slick Willy,made so many great military men resign,it was a joke,they were nauseated by a traitor complaining about America in the USSR!!! Slick Willy,had how many cronies go to jail? 12,yes indeed 12! How much money was wasted following up on crimes this milktoast committed?Who balanced the budget in 1994?? Republicans did,Congress ,controls Americas purse-strings! Recall,civic classes anyone?! Who recieved a LEWINSKI,from an obese campaign donors daughter? Who was accused of RAPE!! Yes, only delussional morons ,think Slick Willy was anything but, a complete waste of man, father, husband,citizen,friend,Prez!

But I'll bet he knew how to use a space bar.

that Chicago street thug is.In his interview today he,took a shot at Nancy Reagan.What a chicken -s@#% ,this punk is.Thank you morons for voting in a small,pathetic, street kid,who has the manners ,of the typical face first trough eating PIG!

I usually don't understand Johnlaw's descriptions, however this '''''''Chicago street thug is.In his interview today he,took a shot at Nancy Reagan.What a chicken -s@#% ,this punk is"""" I can understand but what I don't understand is what a """magic negro""" is. Negro is a term that was abandoned in the sixties. Let's keep it that way.

But he campaigned on a agenda that will not help the American economy . And I don't think he understands the external threat to the U.S.

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