TPS votes to renovate Scott

After a long battle the Scott Alumni got their wish. Now it will be interesting to see what it will entail. Scott requires a lot of work.

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  Yet voters don't even blink at  these tax levies!   It is breathtaking.    The Scott district is  shrinking in population dramatically.   Half of this school building needs to be used for another purpose.

Tax and waste,Toledo pols will do what ever they want to.They have a guarenteed voter base that, gives these criminals the right to waste our money ENDLESSLY! Between the union govt. workers, the minoroities,and of course,the homosexual crowd.Socialist Dim's,have the numbers to pass wasteful spending,and to elect these corrupt jackasses to do it! It AIN"T going to end,that's why the surrounding suburbs are growing ,while Toledo shrinks,just like the brains of these pathetic fools!

Ever notice how the Blade uses gallons of ink to save a court house in another county and the old Strananhan building downtown and now an old school. What besides being edifices from the past do these buildings have in common? They all share in common the fact that they are no longer relevant to our needs. If the goal is to provide "make work" projects for the local unemployed, than I suggest we wait a few months until the government creates its' version of the WPA for the auto industry.. The sad thing is while the attention is on saving relics from the past, the auto industry, is fast becoming a shadow of Toledo's past glories. Perhaps we should turn are sights to the future and leave the past to be what it is suppose to be-good memories of times gone by.


If the Scott community is so fired up about saving the building why don't they do what the privates have to do. Go to their alums and beg instead of turning to the taxpayers everytime. Look at the private high schools in town, they are all as old if not older than some of the publics that we just replaced, with the exception of St. Johns. But they are all in pretty good shape and have been maintained over the years. A big question that no one seems to want to answer is what hapened to all the money that TPS has collected in levies over the years for maintenance on it's buildings. I can't believe they spent it all on personnel.

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