Joe the Plumber funny

Found this and thought that I'd share it here



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I appreciate the humor, I reject the logic.

Well, thanks for posting an excellent example of the red herring fallacy.

This is a red herring fallacy because it deliberately attempts to divert people's attention away from what is relevant.

The real issue is whether or not Joe the Plumber's actions and statements are true or false.

If they're true, then people are alienated insofar as their refusal to come to terms with truth. Alienation only happens when people deny truth. Since truth never alienates. People alienate themselves from the truth.

Now if Joe is/was wrong then the burden of proof is on those people who think (not feel) how and why Joe the Plumber is/was wrong based on facts, evidence, rather than fallacious reasoning.

In several conversations Obama has said this. It is only wrong if there is no truth.

leftists, SQUEAL like kicked pigs.Sarah Palin,did it also.BIG TIME! You can always tell when you hit a GRAND SLAM, against DIm's,they carry on like spoiled brats,who have about as much compassion and grace, as a RATTLESNAKE! They will not let GO of the incessant whining.Children , have better sense than adult liberals.I see that B.Hussein Obama,has kicked Byrd,of W. Virginia, out of his chairmanship. The ol' KKK recruiter ,is going to have to step aside for an even MORE RADICAL traitor ,from Hawaii! Well, the 100% founded,100% membership and100% recruiting of the KKK,has always been the Democraps! They might just need Byrd at this point to recruit more Dim's to the KLAN!! They certainly DON'T take Republicans in the KLAN!

have zero compassion. Joe, just a question asker, gets the same treatment B.Hussein Obama,has given his family ,who mostly reside in SLUMS! Nothing but,HELL! What else can you expect from cold blooded socialists!??! Compassion to a Dim , is killing aborted babies who survive,with a KNIFE to the back of the head!!!! Apparently,even these murderers have to KILL ,from BEHIND! Can't face the litte baby,face to face....compassion,indeed! Now, why again ,isn't Toledo a shining city on the lake?

You have a lot of chutzpah decrying the "lack of compassion" shown to Samuel Wurzelbacher after your well-documented exercises in cyber-terrorism, like your relentless harassment of a 70-year-old retiree.

Sure, you managed to convince a judge that your electronic bullying stayed in the "legal" range, but you are every bit as much of a thug as the worst of the "Demonrats" you despise.

Mike Coon: you are a pathetic little man with some serious mental health issues, ranging from your stated scenario to off yourself while shooting Blae employees to your veiled threat against Barack Obama ("ARMED AND AMMO'D UP", I believe you wrote before Chris Meyers edited your drivel).

Get help, dude.

Sirhan Sirhan,Usama Bin Laden ,and a Toledo Blade,columnist,(and all Jew haters I guess) all agree that the reason for terrorism against America is, OUR support for Israel.Hmmmm,wonderful company to be in.Muslims ,agreeing that killing completely innocent Americans is rationally ,JUSTIFIED,somehow?! WOW,that is the most vile and repugnant thinking an American can have! Especially,when you write that henous jive in a daily paper.Wait, I guess ,milksop sissies who also agree with that are equally discusting scum too. And, there are plenty of those here in Toledo!

My MP 5 ,is an awesome weapon! You cannot believe the absolute thrill of mowing the grass with this baby!

that John Law, is that scandal mongered ,hero of First Amenment rights,.that the Toledo Blade and the U. of Toledo, tried to railroad with a manipulative sheriff ,and a sicophantic prosecuting attorney.No way.I wish I was as brave and as American as that guy is! We all know ,what the U.of Toledo thinks about 'free speech',with the firing of Crystal,for having an opinion.Free expression is VORBOTEN,at the university! The Toledo Blade, well,everyone knows they HATE free speech also.I mean,if you don't agree with those radical fools,you get crucified.Ask David Boston,Coach Bobby Nichols, Paul Hartung, I mean,those folks are Goebbels -like.NO, I wish I was that hero ,for standing up to the hate the left spews.Joe the Plumber, Sarah Palin,yes, good folks always have nasty heathens trying to hurt them. I ,once read where ,in some cultures, a man is considered great ,only,if his enemies are great. A newspaper and a university apparently, weren't a match for Michael E. Coon.Or, is the First Amendment FIRST, for a very good reason?!

you're not even fooling me

you truly are one sick man.

mow your lawn with a mower, retard.

you did a good job riding this wave

did things many dreamed and sacrificed and got nothing for their efforts.

you saw things and participated in things and stood with a Presidential Candidate.

pretty friggen awesome, I say.

I hope you kept a detailed daily journal, you're going to make a good read if you get in-depth and honest.

doesn't matter which political party you stood with, you did it, and that is incredible.

hope it took real good care of you!

up,he's in the book!?!?! Amazing!!?! Nice fellow,abit of the Blarney,to be sure.Well, he had a couple of interesting things to say.Did you know that the plaintiff told many, that he never responded to the e-mails.Well, that is not what a forensic computer genius,Coon knows ,displayed in court.The many e-mail replies were not at all the responses of a 'wise and worldy commentator of world events' not at all! Between the typical name calling all leftists do,the one mocking his children was quite revealing, of the nature of this person. I,mean ,leave someones' children OUT of the discussion,please! The one calling Coon, a coward was also revealing.That is NOT, protected speech, of the First Amendment. Calling someone a coward is considered 'fighting words',NOT having First Amendment protection what so ever!.Yes,some incongruities have definatley been media driven ,and as usual ,about as crazy as a sh*%-house rat.One thing is for sure,there are terrorists in Toledo.The three that were convicted and,the many families under FBI surveilance who have been running stolen ,forged,and imitation goods at their carry outs! But, since those guys are Demonrats, most lillies here in town,think thats O.K. Coons' free speech bothers them more than having killers in their midst,and a collegue who TOTALLY agrees with them!

or didn't another poster at one time portray themselves in the third party when their identity was revealed?

What is it with the denial?

Step up, Coonster. Be a man.

Why isnt Toledo a shining example of one party rule? Why do millionaires hate their own familys' who live in squalor? Why,does New York and California need my money?Aren't they two very rich Dimorat ruined states? Why can't union workers build a better auto ,than non-union workers at Honda and Toyota do? Why,cant abortionists kill the baby as it faces them?Why is the Toledo Blade losing readership and, its investment grades bonds worth spit? Why are the contributors of this blog unable to answer basic ,easy questions without Marxist speak? Why can't liberals pay twice the tax I do to support giving college degrees to lifers in prison,degrees to illegal criminals,abortions to whores,art museums for butterflies,etc.? Why are liberal less giving to charity? Why don't liberals attend religious ceremonies,other than the DEVIL worship nonsense? Answer a question ,any one for a free GLOCK 9mm,with two extra clips, a holster,and lessons out on the farm!

The only person you are fooling is you. Get some help, brother.

Do you actually understand what he is saying? I envy you. I just see a bunch of characters and can't finish what was said.

I understand,if you cannot answer simple questions,well then, you the are quite STUPID,aren't you?! GOD,please,spare me the ignorant idiots, whose ability to whine like a menstral woman,is greater than their ability to THINK,like an American,and not like a MUSLIM appeasor/throatcutter!

A menstral woman??!?!?!?!?


Thread's original pic statement reminds me of the hollywood/entertainment industry scum/trash that have spewed their rabid hatred for eight years. A lot of them aren't as big as they used to be. They need to learn to keep their mouths shut.


'I used to have compassion, but they taxed it and legislated it out of existence.'


'I used to have compassion, but they taxed it and legislated it out of existence.'

up again.You folks have him all wrong. First, he believes in wholesale abortion anytime ,anywhere. He says it's like Aztec human sacraficial rites,real cool stuff !. So, 50 million aborted fetuses in landfills is like, 'historical-correctness', if you know what I mean. And, he is very antiwar! He believes that despots, dictators, and the like are COOL also.I mean,to be able to have RAPE ROOMS,and Acid baths ,and wood chipper treatments , for your viewing pleasure is NEAT! It's like WOW, you can do what makes you feel good,like that ol' 60's thing. And, he is pro-Muslim?!? So, what if they kill the completely innocent , it's just the circular way of thinking the 'human sacrafice', thing, differently. I mean really, Bobby Kennedy ,he would have been a lousy Prez., right? Daniel Pearl, he was a JEW,you know. Socialist too!. It's the American way to have the smarter, and brighter, and those with inititive ,to give their hard earned money to loafers! You nancy girls and girlettes have Coon ,all WRONG!

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