COSI to be renamed...

A recent story indicated that COSI would be up and running NEXT YEAR in the FALL.
Kind of hard to believe that it would take that much time to put the place back together.
As an added attraction, the public will be solicited for help in suggesting a new name for COSI. If it takes them that long to reinvent the place, maybe they need some help early on with name suggestions. Have any in mind ?

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for Dimbulb-o-rats,union, friends and cronies,is a better name! It certainly is more accurate!

You can do better than that.
Get off your prozac and try a little bit harder.

How about "THE STUFF IT Science Center" to reflect how this third levy was stuffed down the taxpayer's throat ?


Center of "SUCK IT TOLEDO"

Just because COSI gets a new name and a new source of funding doesn't mean that it won't be the same old mismanaged business which caused it to fail and close its doors . "Lipstick on a pig is still a pig."

Now that its not their money, let's watch for them to run it into the ground again only to be bailed out by a renewal/increase levy at some point in the future.

but not for another 5 years.

It was a 5 year levy, I recall.

Plenty of time for mismanagement and now...
feeding at the public trough for upper management.

oink oink oink...

The levy money will not begin to be distributed until March at the earliest so I can see how it will not reopen until fall.

where are all those businesses and corporations that pulled for support of the levy. It was my impression that they were going to kick some their own selves.

I mean, we have not a moment to lose. The longer it stays closed, the greater the chance a future astronaut or Einstein, Edison, or Volta will fall by the wayside and not scientifically actualize his life.

That's what it is about, isn't it ?
The children.

Toledo is getting exactly what it deserves: Being taxed for 5 years for 4 years of service.

As for the name change, I nominate "CLOSI":

Center Living Off Stupid Idiots

Bend over Toledo

Don't blame me,
I didn't vote for a

Why should any of those companies contribute, now that you and I are FORCED to?

Lipstick on a pig is right. Lori Hauser and the skeleton staff hanging out in Portside will gladly spend your money. Funny how they could raise it for 3 levies, but couldn't raise it to keep the museum open. Same leadership, same results, now with taxpayers to subsidize the continued losses. All for the children. I had a COSI membership, I won't have one for the new facility, no matter what the name. I'm already paying for it.

obvious,that most contributors here, are NOT Toledoans',never have been business owners and, with virtually ALL of the Top 500 companies that were in Toledo,are now GONE,are not in a good job and, hate the small business owners ,they now work for.This reasoning comes from years of being self employed,along with ag-business with my brothers my whole life! The laments are glaringly apparent.You twinks ,think that because YOU do not have something,it is someone elses FAULT,not yours! Ask yourselves something for your childlike thinking, what risks, to advance your future, have you overcome? NONE,is what I see.You plod along, HOPING and WISHING ,for someone else to provide initiative,that only comes only from WITHIN! Or, initiative comes when you get fed up with your current situation! And do SOMETHING about it. The belief that a selfish punk from Chicago, is going to somehow ADAVANCE your lives',is absolutely DELUSSIONAL! The mirror hold the key to your happiness,not anyone else! So,you have gotten ,at least ,in a presidential election ,the GUY,who you think is going to help you.I can assure you,B.Hussein Obama,is not going to help ANYONE but,the close circle of anarchists and America haters ,he surrounds himself with! Them and ONLY them,will profit from this disaster! PWOOF,he has FAMILY living in SLUMS and he is a multi-millionaire!! You dig?!

OK... we are stuck with a taxpayer subsidized buiness-so be it- but does it have to be in one of Toledo's premiere real estate locations?.Portside needs to go back to being a location that attracts young people (18-35), provides grown-up entertainment and generally draw people who will come down and enjoy spending their money.

It needs to be a place where downtown residents can enjoy and give yet another reason for living in the area.

Yes COSI provides entertainment ( I took my daughters there all the time as they were growing up) but spending money on cheap pizza for the kids or on cheezy trinkets does not constitute economic development.

Locations could include the zoo area, fairgrounds, the steam plant, erie street market or any other place but Portside!!!!!!

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