Obama IS The Anti Christ !

Obama IS The Anti Christ, You heard it here First!

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   It twisted your mind , whatever you ate.

Hitler was the Anti-Christ...no, it was Stalin...no, it was Jack Kennedy..Jesus...It's so confusing!!! No, it was any member of the Ku Klux Klan (certainly not upholders of "Love thy neighbor"), or was it Osama bin Laden, or someone yet to come. As far as I know the Anti-Christ has been predicted (and believed to have come) at least a dozen times in 1500 years. Sell your home and valuables if you believe he is the Anti-Christ. You might be right this time.

Old South End Broadway

He can't be.

Because I am.

What do you say folks. Let's put "A Real American" on an island with "JonLaw" and let them run their own little banana republic any way they like.

it's these types of comments that have made people question democracy



The fact that we live in a Republic that values democracy allows people to call themselves things like "real American," and levy ridiculous claims like this. God Bless America and the First Amendment.


Nonsense. There's no such thing as free speech any more.


'I used to have compassion, but they taxed it and legislated it out of existence.'


'I used to have compassion, but they taxed it and legislated it out of existence.'

Watching the coverage of Grant Park last night, I noted that the enormity of the waiting crowd reminded me of a) the crowd at the Pope's Easter Mass, b) the news footage we got out of Iran in the late '70s when Khomeini would address the crowd.

I refer to the latter scenes because some people last night were carrying signs and flags with various manifestations of Obama's image on them...I was a preteen during the Iranian hostage crisis and remember finding it curious that the people of Iran glorified their leaders through posters in a manner not unlike I pasted pictures of Donny Osmond and KISS all over my wall. HA!

My intent is not to draw any sort of Muslim analogy here. I am well aware that Iran is not the only country where you will see the face of the country's leader plastered all over, reminding you of who is in charge and who is watching you....Of course, we saw it in Hussien's Iraq. The Old USSR was another place. Cuba, too. You can see Kim Jong Il's mug everywhere you go in North Korea, and in China, Hu Jingtaos's portrait can be found throughout the industrial areas. See, I'm drawing another sort of analogy...

You can have your analogies Helen. What I saw was a resounding rebuke of conservative governance.

Pink Slip
A "threat to our political system"

Pink Slip

Pinkslip--I saw more than half of the voting population make a resounding rebuke of conservative governance, too.

"I pasted pictures of Donny Osmond and KISS all over my wall"

I thought Donny Osmond's been president the last eight years. That poster will have long-term value, hold on to it.

No? That's not him? Wrong guy? Sorry.


A good one, McCaskey!
Spreading a little post-election humor is good for everybody!

I'd support Gene Simmons for president in a heartbeat. There's a capitalist!

Anti-Christ is good for you correct?  That means the end times (Liberals) are here and you can get ruptured (beamed up to) heaven (the mother ship).

It's RAPTURED! It's the Republican Party that is ruptured!

All this humor here in the Swamp is cheering me up!

have to fatten a bull and kill it for a the new Holiday, lilly leftists will pass in Congress,as their first law of the land?! B.Hussein Obama,has family in SLUMS,and you buttsniffers, actually think this Chicago pimp, is going to do anything for them?! You milksops are as delusional ,as you are stupid.I will make do, very well because LABOR is my largest expense and, to rectify that,layoffs are due TODAY! When the National Socialists, raises everyone of your taxes and mine,I will rectify that with additional layoffs.My profits are what I survive on,not employing lazy,uneducated,loafers,these ignorant fools want me to hire.So, cry me a river poofs,you do not hire anyone ,it's as apparent as the economically challenged ,ignoramous',belief, that everyone can be on WELFARE! Someone HAS TO WORK!!

...yet for speaking out of turn? I remember a guy when I worked at the Post Office bringing up the idea of "free speech", and the boss rightly telling him that that ended at the doorway to the office. Some people just do not understand that "rights" of a political nature are trumped by any business's rights to run their business.

Old South End Broadway

Americas',longstanding treaty with Israel ,is certainly going to end.Muslims,that bankrolled this Chicago doper,will not stand for inaction.They want their moneys worth,and want America to break its treaty with Israel,or else! This is to be expected out of a man,who cannot take care of his bastard family members who currently reside in SLUMS!!!!! What a guy,what a guy! And you poofs voted for this selfish dog?! Makes sense to the Devil,not to me.

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