How long are the voting lines today?

Waiting until my son gets out of school (3 p.m.) to take him along while I vote. Curious about waiting lines in the area. Please give specific polling location with post, out of curiousity. I vote Sylvania Twp administrative offices, Holland-Sylvania Rd.

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I voted at Central Elementary at about 7:45 this morning. Wasn't bad. Took about 25 minutes total. Would have taken less time if I had requested a paper ballot instead of touch screen. 2 touchscreens were tied up by two seniors (who likely had all day to vote but did it when those who work were trying to get done), and were still voting when I arrived and left. All in all, very smooth....

Remember, vote NO on the merger! No on 8 &16!

I voted this morning at 8:15, I was in and out within 10 minutes. Washington Branch of Lucas County Library

I just voted at Aldersgate Church on Douglas and there was no wait at all. I walked in, I was directed to my precinct, signed, and voted. The entire process took no more than 15 minutes.

Heatherdowns branch library. 10 minutes from parking to back in car and on way home.
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Church of Byrne Road by Snyder Road. No Wait. Sorry I don't know the name.

Eleanor Kahle (sp?) center at Willys park. From car to voting and back to car about 10 minutes. 9:15am.

Had my nephew with me and it was so beautiful out we spent 1/2 hr at the park.

at Sylvania Twp. offices on Holland-Sylvania. No glitches for me. My wife's card to insert for the touch screen indicated it had 'already been used', or something like that (I was few places behind her and then she left to go take daughter to dentist so I'm not sure what that was all about...she wasn't thrilled). Unreal. She was then given a different card.

Poll workers said there was a decent-sized line waiting when they opened this a.m. They anticipated after 5 it getting busy again.

...tied up by two seniors (who likely had all day to vote...

Which is another thing to do when you get old. I plan to add this to my 'things to do' list, which includes driving at the speed limit in the hammer lane with my right turn signal on, counting out exact change at the supermarket and complaining about the government to anyone who doesn't want to listen.

And, by the way, I haven't been able to locate any of those fliers that erroneously announce voting times for Republicans and Democrats. I think that one was a hoax.

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At 12:30, I voted at St. Clement on Tremainsville.
Ten minutes and out. No wait.

My husband and daughter went in at 4:30--no wait, but as they left, they said a lot of cars were pulling in.

I voted at Timberstone Junior High (Sylvania Twp)

Drove past on my way to work this morning, but there looked to be a bit of a line so I didn't stop.

Decided to brave the after work crowd...turned out to be a good choice. Walked in the door at 5 pm, and was out the door in exactly 12 minutes. No problems whatsoever.

There were more cars pulling in as I left, but there was still no line at that point.

I voted at Oregon Fire Station on Wheeling and did not wait at all.

Voter turnout was about average for our precinct.

for the input.

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