States in recession

In March, five states were in recession, but now there are 30 with 19 more at risk. Ohio is one of those 30 with the Toledo Metro area among 276 metro areas considered to be in recession. Only Alaska and Washinton, DC have expanding economies.

"There's no way around the map. It says the nation is in recession. The recession is coast to coast," Mark Zandi, chief economist and co-founder of Moody's told ABC News recently. "One of the unique features of this downturn is how broad-based it is, regionally. In the past, in recessions, you saw people moving from areas that were hard hit to areas that were holding up better, looking for jobs and better incomes," he said. "Now, there is nowhere to go."

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Interesting that Alaska is the most socialist state in the country (no income or property taxes, most millions/billions in federal pork money than any other state in the country (spreading that wealth), and oil/gas co. kick backs to each citiizen each year - to say nothing of the "bridge to nowhere' money that was kept in spite of no bridge getting built.

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