Poor Behavior

During the last months of this election, I personally have been disappointed in the way that individuals in the Republican party have presented themselves and their personal beliefs. I have stated on this blog and Glass City Jungle that I vote for the individual not the party and am an Independent voter.

I have always supported Chris Myers who is a Republican, but someone who has the same educational standards and values that I do. In this election, I had the opportunity to vote for Edna Brown, a Democrat who is a black woman( like me) running for State Representative, but who doesn’t share my values or to vote for Carolyn Eyre, a white woman and a Republican. Carolyn Eyre, a white woman unlike me in color but sharing the same values, got my vote and she always has.

I have great respect for members of the Republican party, as I respect everyone until you have proven to me that you are not worthy of that respect. One of the Republicans that I respect is Sally Perz, the sponsor of the charter school law. I met her during the time that the charter school movement was just getting started (in the 90's) and admired her tenacity and vision for the children of Ohio. I passed that respect on down to her daughter Alison Perz as I know that the apple, usually, does not fall far from the tree.

Last Sunday morning I heard Alison Perz speak and I was very disappointed and saddened when I heard Ms. Perz speak of Barack Obama and his grandmother in very disparaging terms. As Senator Obama’s grandmother lie dying in hospice Ms. Perz’s Republican vitriol spilled over into the airwaves. Her statement that Senator Obama had suspended his campaign to spend some last minutes with her, when she(Ms. Perz) wasn’t even sure if there was a grandmother. Well, yes Ms. Perz there is a grandmother and she died today.

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