A Splash of Green for the Rust Belt

Toledo's solar industry was mentioned in this NY Times article.

In West Branch, Iowa, a town of 2,000 people east of Iowa City, workers now assemble wind turbines in a former pump factory. In northwestern Ohio, glass factories suffering because of the downturn in the auto industry are retooling to make solar energy panels.

“The green we’re interested in is cash,” says Norman W. Johnston, who started a solar cell factory called Solar Fields in Toledo in 2003.


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And when the F*** will these panels ever be affordable for people to put them in their yards or on their roofs to defray the costs of connection and use of First Energy's monopoly product?

There's a problem here, and it's called CAPITALISM. Today's form of it is the worst in Human history. Capitalists won't do DICK until they find something they can make a LOT of money at. But that just means the product or service is largely EXPENSIVE. We've been heavily distracted by the cheapness of a thumbdrive and other LUXURIES, to have noticed that the prices of NECESSITIES have only risen and refuse to become cheaper.

When luxuries get cheap and necessities become expensive, your society is about to CRASH.

Wake me up when solar electric panels can be installed and run for 1c per kiloWatt-hour amortized over 8 years.


Don't look now, but here come the capitialits;

"Xunlight Receives $11 Million Additional Financing From Institutional Investors

Xunlight Corporation, a leader in the development of low-cost and
flexible thin-film silicon solar modules, today announced it has received
$11 million of additional financing from institutional investors. The
investment was led by Rabo Ventures, a division of Rabobank, a top 25
global financial institution based in the Netherlands. Existing investors
Trident Capital and Emerald Technology Ventures also participated in the

The proceeds of this investment will be used to fund expansion of
manufacturing operations and for working capital requirements. The Company
operates a 2 Megawatt roll-to-roll pilot production line and is building a
25 Megawatt roll-to-roll production line to manufacture flexible and
lightweight photovoltaic products."


Again, wake me up when they actually make a product worth buying on the consumer level.

Do the math on your own, residents! How much would you pay for a 1kW installation? Once you figure that out, tell me who makes such a system. I already know the answer: NOBODY.

Sunlight can be harvested by ANYONE. The capitalists well know that. They have long preferred to invest in bottlenecking fuel sources. They greatly prefer hydraulic despotism.

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