Checks on Joe the Plumber now getting more interesting. Local media looks wimpy

I sense that Helen Jones-Kelley won't have a job soon. Also, Ted Strickland will probably take a hit by saying it was not politically motivated, when it is now looking like it was. Maybe he should not be so quick to defend an obvious Obama supporter (unless he agrees). Why? How many "just background" checks are run, then the supervisor "demanded" that a letter be written saying it was for child support purposes. Yeah right. This is a cover-up and Helen will most likely be on the unemployment lines if Strickland does not want such governmental abuse to drag him down. Thank goodness. She deserves it.

What about Media Bias? The Columbus Dispatch is not letting this story go. Local media are a bunch of wimps for letting the story of the Toledo Police Department employee go and accepting Navarre's statement that if it was not Joe they would not be talking is just a bunch of bunk. A major story of government abuse occurs locally and they just let it go? Yeah, I am sure this is the only time this occurred. There is no way Julie was randomly approached by media and how many more times was this done? Kudos for Columbus Dispatch pursuing it. Local media gets the "Wimpy Award" for letting it go. Why don't the local media request how many times the local department looked at other records and see if there is any other abuse there. I guess what do you expect? The mayor abuses local media during press conferences and the other peers let it go. Our area would be better if our media grew a bunch of investigative spine. There is a ton of stuff going on here, abuse is ripe for the picking.

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