Mickey Finn Hosts Election Day Party

Toledo, Ohio. Mickey Finn, owner of Democratic Pub at Mickey Finn’s, announces a special evening for voters. Everyone who wears an “I VOTED” sticker, or brings in other proof of voting in this year’s General Election, will receive a free beer.

WHAT: Election Day party

Tuesday, November 4, 2008
4:00 p.m. – 2:30 a.m.

Democratic Pub at Mickey Finn’s
602 Lagrange at Huron
in Vistula Historic District, just north of downtown Toledo

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On election day in the middle of a contentious election, Mickey Finn decides that it would be a good idea to get everyone who voted together at his watering hole, give them free beer and talk about the election.

Mad Jack
Mad Jack's Shack

What he is doing is illegal. Ohio liquor laws forbid giving away alcoholic beverages without payment. Nice idea, but the state says you can't do that.

will get around that rule

- Just the KAT, thinking out loud again.

If man has no tea in him, he is incapable of understanding truth. ~Japanese Proverb

I believe the way they get around that is that bar is technically purchasing the beverage. At least that's the way it was explained to me for those bars that give you a free drink on your birthday.

No matter who wins McCain or Obama, there'll be no cause for celebration, we're hosed either way.

Maybe host a wake instead.

The fact is that either one would be hands-down better than what we've had the last eight years. I'm voting Obama, but I think I can live through a McCain administration unless he dies in office and we get the hockey mom. Then, yes, we are totally screwed.

if your point was it doesn't matter because of the impending economic doom that's going to effect us all no matter who gets elected, I see your point and agree to a large extent. There are storm clouds ahead that may trump anything in regards to this election.

I heard an economist saying today that we've pretty much reached bottom and will now begin the slow bound upward.

My company sells building materials nationwide, and this quarter's sales were hugely above our forecast, so I tend to believe him

but I believe he's in the minority, big-time. Glad to hear your company's doing well, though.

From Pete:What he is doing is illegal.

Well, it shouldn't be. If one consenting adult wants to give away free giggle juice to 1 or 100 other consenting adults, there should not be any kind of law prohibiting it.

From McCaskey: it doesn't matter because of the impending economic doom

I don't know about his thinking, but economics has a lot to do with my point. The US is in such a lousy state that who ever wins the presidential election had better begin the next four years with decent supplies of patience, Prozac, and Grey Goose vodka. It's not as if the US is going to suddenly pull out of this nose dive, either. Congress is responsible for at least half the problems we're faced with, and I'm not looking at Congress to provide a solution. I'm convinced that the vast majority of Congress Critters are only marginally brighter than a burnt out 40 watt bulb, and the jury is still out on the other half.

Also from McCaskey: The fact is that either one would be hands-down better than what we've had the last eight years.

Come on, McCaskey. I mean really, what have you said here? I am fully convinced that I could find six contributors to SwampBubbles that would have done a better job over the last eight years, and I know, personally, an even dozen people who would have been a better president than King George II. Look, I've never met you, and I believe that you, McCaskey, would be a better president than King George II.

Moreover, I'm disappointed in the Democrats. All they had to do was run someone who was middle of the road and electable. The dumb bells couldn't do that. They had to run AlGore who couldn't even win his own state (TN), then followed that up with Kerry, who turned out to be too limp wristed and namby-pamby to beat the snot out of King George II - which is what he had to do, Florida being kind of a foregone conclusion. JEB and all, you see.

So now it's 2008, and who shows up but Hitlery Klinton, and the only Democrat who could compete against her was Obama. So, Hitlery being a dead loss in 2008, we get stuck with Obama.

I don't like either one of these candidates. Each time I consider voting for either one, I find some new reason to vote for the other.

Mad Jack
Mad Jack's Shack

Look, I've never met you, and I believe that you, McCaskey, would be a better president than King George II

Yeah, I'm sure all my 'friends' on here would agree with that! You're a piece of work.

but I plan on having a drink or two tonight. Mad City has a giant Halloween party on State Street. I'm going to go, have dinner and drinks and take in the sights and sounds.

You're a piece of work

When they made me, they broke the mold!

Mad Jack
Mad Jack's Shack

No, it shouldn't be illegal. Nor should smoking in bars or a lot of other stuff be illegal. Let me tell you about Ohio liquor laws. They say that you cannot offer any alcoholic drink at lower prices (say, one cent) that you do not offer at other times during that month. In other words, if Mickey Finn offers a beer at 1cent on election day, he has to offer the same drink for the same price during the entire month during the same times. And happy hours, by state law, have to end at 9 pm. That's state law. Welcome to Ohio. Welcome to a non-smoking state. Thank you, David Grossman, M.D. and M.F.

[edit] If it were legal, every bar in town would be offering the same thing.

If they vote 10 times next Tuesday, do they get 10 free beers? Just wonderin'...


so,I'm buying, no malarky! Exxon,has been very goood to me and, the trust.The two brothers didn't foul up on the farm,ag yields were positive,biz picked up after the 'troubles',so, OBAMA, won't you buy me a Mercedes-Benz, my friends all drive Porsches, I must make amends,I 'v worked hard all my life with no help from my friends so Oh Lord,oops, So, Oh Obama won't you buy me a night on the town....know the rest?

I'll be doing election analysis on Fox Toledo if anybody cares to tune in.

I think we have seen enough of you and your 1st Amendment views already.

Why would people value anything you have to say after your stint as Fink's lapdog ?


Don't watch. Obviously, Fox Toledo values my insight. You don't have to watch it. There are alternatives.


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