Unscrupulous, Illegal Conduct By Sylvania City Council

The Sylvania Area Community Improvement Corporation (SCIC) contributed $10,000 to help One Sylvania promote a 'merger' with Sylvania Township. Dee-Dee Liedel objected to the legality of this donation, but she was shouted down and out voted. Now it seems Dee isn't alone. Attorney General Nancy H. Rogers objects as well.

One Sylvania responded by saying that the money has already been spent. SCIC mumbled that they'd have to pay a fine or something and do their absolute best to get their money back.

Here's a link to the article in The Blade:


First off, Sylvania Township contributes funds to the SCIC. In this case money given to One Sylvania was used to promote a thinly veiled land grab. Secondly, any fines paid by the SCIC will also be paid with those same Township funds, adding insult to injury.

Dee-Dee Liedel called the actions of One Sylvania and the Sylvania City Council disingenuous. Dee-Dee is polite and diplomatic. I think that the Sylvania City Council and the staff of One Sylvania should all be tarred, feathered and run out of town on a rail.

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The Sylvania CIC is not one and the same with the Sylvania City Council. So Sylvania City Council did nothing illegal with regard to the SCIC giving money to OneSylvania (although IIRC their appointed board member did vote in favor of the contribution).

And actually, what OneSylvania said was that the money had been spent or committed - meaning it's not actually spent yet but they have plans to spend it which are more important than correcting an illegal transaction and so I guess that means that can't/won't give it back to the CIC.

Something that also has been bothering me. The township specifically asked about the contribution to OneSylvania, but the CIC also funds other levy campaigns. After reading the reasoning behind the AG opinion, I question whether any donation by the CIC to a levy campaign or issue campaign is an authorized expenditure. The township can't make contributions directly to a political campaign, and thus we can't use the CIC as an agent to do so either.

It's apparent that Sylvanians are too busy trying to save their ridiculous mortgages, to pay much attention to what's going on. It serves them right. They are going to wake up under the umbrella of a Toledo-style, huge, expensive government, all run by strutting baboons.

You make it sound like people in Sylvania would have worse mortgage problems than anyone else.

Some families in Sylvania have incredible mortgage problems. I watched one home on Brint rd., next to the RR tracks, go up for sale - and sit forever. The owner had to have 140K. I'd have paid 20K for the house with the idea I'd have to put another 10K into it and rent it for a while. The location is the worst in the world and the house is oddly shaped. I think it used to be an office of some kind. Last I looked, the place still hadn't sold.

A local developer, unhindered by the Sylvania Township Trustees who are supposed to prevent this kind of over development, constructed a brand new neighborhood of McMansions just off Flanders Rd., North of Alexis. I think the name of the development is Oak Grove or something. Naturally, the very first thing the developer did was bulldoze all the trees, so there isn't a tree in sight. In Sylvania, taken from the word Sylvan and noted for proliferation of oak trees. The homes have tiny yards and huge foot prints, three car garages, multiple stories... and several are now in foreclosure.

Sylvania real estate is high priced. Little of it is selling. The developer is going to get hosed on the unsold homes and will likely default on debts to the construction company. The banks are not going to win this one, because a home that you paid, say, $500K for is now valued at $400K and won't sell at $350K, or even at $300K. One way out of this is to buy another, cheaper home just across the Michigan line and bankrupt the money pit.

Mad Jack
Mad Jack's Shack

My point was that people in Sylvania aren't any more likely to have mortgage problems than any other community...mortgage problems are everywhere. Actually, on the foreclosure lists I've seen, there aren't a whole lot of Sylvania properties listed. ("Yet," of course. I realize that could shift as the local economy continues to worsen.)

Our neighborhood seems to be holding up pretty well so far - none of the homes are in foreclosure as of yet. And a few homes actually even sold recently. Obviously that could change as things continue to shift in the region.

As for my family, we're digging in our heels and riding out the storm. We have way too much equity in our house to even consider going anywhere. (Only $60K left to pay off on our Sylvania Twp home...our property tax escrow is more per month than the mortgage payment itself. But that's a gripe for another day. Sigh.)

P.S. I know the house you're referring to on Brint - I agree that it looks more like an office than a home. And the proximity to the RR tracks can't help much either. Last I noticed, there was still a for sale sign in front, and I pass by there every day.

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