Is Sarah Palin qualified to be President? Of course

The poll in NY Times is saying Sarah Palin is pulling down McCain and that many people feel she is not qualified to be president.

How can Bill Clinton be qualified but Sarah Palin not? This does not make sense. Lack of foreign policy experience was not an issue for Clinton, but why Sarah?

I would take a former mayor of 10k over a slick big city politician any day.

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This will all be over Tuesday night.

And it'll still be over Tuesday night, hopefully before bedtime.

I would easily put up Clinton's qualifications - his experience of 12 years as governor, his educational background, other related experience - over Palin's any day. It absolutely makes sense to question her qualifications. Under 2 years as governor? Mayor of a small town for a few years? Did she work on projects of national scope? It doesn't make sense to not call this into question. Listening to her responses to questions while on the campaign trail, her inexperience and lack of understanding of the fundamental issues oozes out beyond the sound bites and party speak.

Chris, are you referring to Clinton as a big-city politician? The largest population center in Arkansas is under a million people.

not ones looking to establish their political base or pad their resume. Also, I would take someone with executive experience over a hothead from the Senate and someone who has not even served part of a full term in the Senate. Palin has been in leadership positions and has been successful, while Obama has just sought to pad his resume and skip his Senate obligations. Why can't Obama's history not be questioned and his lack of leadership be questioned? If you judge based on resume, McCain has the strongest, so can he count on your vote?

Any town larger than Sandusky is a big city.

I think that it is a large assumption, basing a politician's motives on the size of the city they serve. And looking at issues of corruption and abuse of power, they happen on all grain sizes of government. Boy, and I can't agree at all that having "executive" responsibility on such a small scale for such a short period of time provides the grounding necessary to take the next big step. I'd be happy to overlook the short resume if I felt that, at any time during this campaign, I heard her have decent command of issues of national importance. If, when she was announced as VP, she was allowed to speak to the press before a week or so crash course of national politics 101. In her interview with Couric, she performed so poorly, and then blamed the interviewer (and Couric is not a hard-hitting journalist). She performed well in her debate, but I mean well by (a) not making any major gaffes in parroting the party line and (b) having a likeable personality.

Obama's qualifications have been questioned as a key strategy by the Republican party. "Is he ready" was heard ad nauseum through the campaign on TV and speech trail (to be echoed by the equally annoying "erratic" messaging of the Democratic campaign, to play against McCain's experience). I don't think it's accurate to say that his limited experience hasn't been a hurdle, but one Obama has largely cleared for supporters, probably in combination of his gifted oratory skills, sense of calm people say he exudes, and a likeability factor for many. And because people are looking for a counterpoint to the current administration dreadfully. I think he's surprised people all along the way, by mobilizing people to not just want to vote for him, but believe in him in a quest for change, and in a scale that is frankly shocking. He's run a great, smart campaign.

McCain's biggest hurdle is his experience (ironic, huh?), and of course his current party affiliation. He was put in such a rough patch - to secure nomination, he has had to court the deep parts of the Republican party, and then turn around and build his Maverick case to be seen as not as closely aligned.

not ones looking to establish their political base or pad their resume

Wrong. Just look at Sylvania.

Neither VP candidate is qualified to be president. Palin has no experience. Biden has experience but no intelligence. The One has enough hubris to cover both VP candidates, his opponent and the entire state of Illinois, and is guaranteed to do his very best to turn the White House into a royal palace with Himself as Divine Monarch. That leaves McCain, who is wound far and away too tight and is likely to bomb Hanoi in the middle of the night without telling anyone.

Mad Jack
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I read polls all the time, and in every single national poll her negatives have risen once the novelty of her selection wore off. More people polled think's she's unqualified than qualified. It isn't just the NYTimes-CBS poll. it's all of them. They've taken a look at her, heard her speak (a long, hard slog in itself) and concluded she's not ready.

Only the extreme conservative base of the Republican Party and a few token Hillary supporters who can't seem to get over themselves are still enthused about her.

to have to compare your Presidential Candidate to the Republican Vice-Presidential Candidate in order to try and make some kind of point.

Compare Obama to McCain and that is fair.

Compare Biden to Palin and that is fair.

But to have such a weak candidate that you have to compare the #1 on your ticket to the #2 on the Republican ticket is just laughable, sad and pathetic.

Don't blame me,
I didn't vote for a

If you search national polls, you'll easily notice most see Biden as more qualified than Palin. Who's mentioning Obama here? Not me.

Want to watch the video of Hillary Clinton telling the world that Obama is a lightweight? Here it is.


How pathetic is that? Another Liberal Democrat body-slamming Obama the lightweight.

Don't blame me,
I didn't vote for a

If you like (and you wouldn't) you could find a hundred videos since Dem. convention where now she's Obama's biggest cheerleader.

Besides, I thought you wanted to talk about Palin-Biden and their approval ratings.

Here's a link to help you get informed:

...that the reason Obama is being compared to Palin is that McCain himself isn't a threat to take the election from him, but the Palin effect could be a dangerous push. Obama hasn't needed Biden to make his ticket whole, McCain has needed Palin just to stay in the race.

Palin isn't quaified to be a Cyote woman. If I had to wake up each morning and hear that squeeching, irritating voice of hers I would naw my arm off to keep from waking her. Palin is a joke and evrybody knows it. When Mc Cain picked her, I decided to vote for Obama.

Palin has the most irritating voice of all time. It's nails-on-a-chalkboard bad. If for no other reason, and there are plenty of others, hope she's sent packing back north after Tuesday.

laurelbloom - same here. Palin is a camera loving, stupid woman that simply has a talent of memorization & blathering on until the questioner forgets what question was asked. She's attractive & has a personality that appeals to many people (men who like winking women in skirts) - however, McCain could easily have chosen (from a list of about 70 possiblities - many were women) the attractive female senators from Alaska or Washington state, who's resumes blow Palin away. She insults the middle class when she refers to us all as Joe Six-Packs (my mom is not a Joe Six-Pack, nor am I), and McCain insulted women by presuming that when Hillary was out, people would just vote for the 'other lady' (who hunts so your guns are safe). McCain admits he didn't really know Sarah Palin before picking her - which says something horrible about his first executive decision. While I do respect McCains' military service, it's not enough to earn the title of President. It has been confirmed that McCain has a serious form of melanoma that had gone into his lymph nodes. I'm not sure of the status of his cancer - but doctors will tell you that even a Level 2 melanoma that's gone into the lymph nodes, does not bode well, and McCain may not survive even the first two years of his term. Palin is an airhead who is entirely too un-informed & ignorant about world affiars, the military - even energy (Alaskans are waiting for those pipelines she keeps bragging about, and she mocked Biden in the VP debate by saying "there's no such thing as clean coal").

The tone of the McCain / Palin campaign has been so negative, and is dividing the people of this country (the KKK has endorced McCain, and Al Queda wants McCain to win according to the 'chatter') - racial & religious strife that it wouldn't surprise me if her mouth triggered race riots again. McCain acts like an erratic crazy person anymore, and is already given signs that he's distancing himself from her - she'll be his scapegoat if he loses. When I watch a McCain rally - I tense up, it's too irrititating (her voice, and "you betcha's', and the crowd agitation & angst. When I watch an Obama rally, it feels more like people coming together, a excited optimism - a calm & a hope.

When I hear Palin call Obama a socialist, I want to laugh - because Sarah Palin & the state of Alaska is the most socialist person & state in the country there is. No income or property taxes, kick back checks yearly for all ciiizens in Alaska, more federal (tax dollars) to aid it than any other state in the country - that is more socialism.

I'm sure Obama regrets his choise of words when he said "spread the wealth around' because Palin jumped all over it & is trying to convince people that it means Obama will take from the rich & give to the poor. I believe what was really meant (and it's been explained) was that the wealthy won't get their tax cuts & loopholes, and yes, the wealthy will pay more in taxes - but it's taxes they should have been paying in the first place (without tax cuts for the wealthy).

But this is about Palin's readiness - and she's not. McCain's own team has tagged her as a "diva" and a "Whack job" - and claims she's going 'rogue". She was asked 4 timse what a vice president does, and 4 times she got it wrong. She thinks the vp controls the senate. She says the vp should have more power. I've heard that the 3 types of people who like Palin are 1) fiercely republican at any cost 2) religious or anti-choiise fanatics who are convinced Palin will overturn Roe v Wade single handed, or 3) the ignorant, uninformed & just plain stupid.

Palin is #2 on the ticket and has more business experience than him. As VP, she would need 6 months- 1 year to get up to speed, but Obama needs that time frame too .

Sarah Palin thinks the VP is in charge of the Senate "so if they want to they can really get in there with the senators and make a lot of good policy changes."

She also thinks that when the media criticizes her, it's a threat to her 1st Amendment rights.

Huh? Has she even read the Constitution? Does she understand it?

Pink Slip
A "threat to our political system"

Pink Slip

To a degree, what Sarah Palin said about the vice president being in charge of the Senate is true.

When she enters the well of the Senate, the presiding officer must vacate the dais. She then presides over the Senate -- recognizing who gets to speak and calling votes. She runs the show.

Who presides in the Senate is meaningless and that is why vice presidents don't do it anymore. Nixon and Johnson were the last vice presidents to spend any significant time there and that is only because they were former members.

Everything that happens in the Senate must be done with the approval of all 100 of them except for calling for votes which takes 60. Even a junior senator with no track record or established credentials like Barack Obama can stop all of the Senate committees from meeting if he decides to object.

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