Troy Neff Show: Heated issue in Sylvania City and Sylvania Township

The two sides clash on the Troy Neff show on whether to form a commission to study a possible merger of Sylvania City and Sylvania Township.

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These are excellent interviews, well worth a listen.

The question of a merger is easy - NO!

Mad Jack
Mad Jack's Shack

... did I just hear Keith Haddad threaten township residents with annexation if we don't approve a merger commission? Sounded like it to me. So was this merger their 'friendly' attempt at taking over the township and when it fails they'll get nasty?

I think his words were: The city is going to have to look at its position on annexation if this doesn't happen. They'll also have to look at their position on water and other issues in regards to the township if this doesn't happen.

Yes, it sounds threatening, but I'm not surprised. From the interview:

Troy: What role do you play in One Sylvania?

Haddad: Right now, we don't play any role. It's a grass roots effort.

That's misleading. The contact point for One Sylvania is Pam Haynam, wife of Doug Haynam. Doug Haynam is on the Sylvania City Council.

Keith Haddad refers to One Sylvania as a grass roots effort again at the end of the interview, and that's not true.

Mad Jack
Mad Jack's Shack

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