Racism in Ohio

Fairfield City and school district leaders have "condemned" the actions of a Fairfield resident who last week displayed a ghost with Democratic presidential nominee Sen. Barack Obama's name on it — hanging from a tree by a noose.

Local 12 Reporter Shawn Ley was the first to speak with Mike Lunsford last week about his display, which Lunsford says was first intended to be a Halloween decoration. Lunsford later decided to write "Hussain" in green marker on it, misspelling Obama's middle name. He also attached part of a campaign yard sign with Obama's last name to his ghost decoration.

Lunsford refused to speak to Local 12 on camera, saying he was worried his views could hurt his employers business ... but he says make no mistake: He doesn't want an African American running the country. Lunsford says he believes Barack Obama is not a "full blooded American." And he says the United States is a white, Christian nation - and only with white Christians should be in power. Lunsford also says he's motivated by the national media which he says is pro-Obama.

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That is sick.

You passed your American history class, yes?

So its ok to hang a white person?

Hanging/killing/burning any "real" person in effigy is wrong. Period.

It's OK to lynch a white person, but not a black person? You are sucking down that dem. koolaid hard core.

Sad. You claim to be a teacher? Sadder.

In large cities like New York, they don't seem to have the great racial divide like in the smaller towns in this country. New York has many different races, ethnic groups crammed into subways everyday - without incident. The ignorance that is racism in some of the parts of this country is staggering, and sad - and shows how very ignorant many of them are. What amazes me, is most of them don't even seem to 'get' that they are the ignorant & dumb ones.

I've never seen so much of it (on both sides, mind you) as I have living here. There's a big difference between the China Towns and Little Italy's of NY or SF and the straight up segregation here.

please don't let tpsteacher24 really be a real teacher.


Recycling your posts Purnhrt?

How very green of you Wink

Pitching the double standard again huh? That's OK, we all know what you are here. Right RC!

in small town America and creating a division by claining that small towns are where "real" Americans live. This is inexcuseable and breeds the Allisons ( whatever her name is) of the world. Lunsford is just the parent. What kind of lunatic would say something so stupid, that the United States is a White Christian nation?

That is why people who don't believe this S**T need to speak out at the ballot box on November 4, 2008.

Obama (O)Biden Ohio 08

McCain 08
McCain 12

Mad Jack
Mad Jack's Shack

Don't try to sell me that crap, OhioKat. Half the people that read this blog would cheerfully burn King George II in effigy if they had an audience. Purnhrt would probably light the fire.

Mad Jack
Mad Jack's Shack

I've never seen so much of it (on both sides, mind you) as I have living here.

Most people in Toledo have never been to NYC or SF, neither one being a red hot vacation spot. I've been to NYC, but I've never lived there.

What you're probably referring to is segregation by choice in which economics and discrimination play no part, as opposed to segregation due to racial prejudice and discrimination, aggravated by economic inequality.

Mad Jack
Mad Jack's Shack

I believe you are right on that one.

Yo MAMA! :=)

and keeps on truckin'.

Palin: Obama...Barack Obama has an ideological commitment to higher taxes. The lessons I believe we have taught our kids would start to erode. Those lessons about work ethic, hard work being rewarded and productivity being rewarded...

Female yelling off-camera, in audience:
And he's a ni***r!

Palin: And...and......lessons about, um, the virtues of freedom and independence while being generous and compassionate with others.

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