My issue with Issue 38 - the Lucas County Children Services Levy - misleading wording

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For Immediate Release:
I believe the Lucas County Children Services levy campaign (Issue 38) is misleading
voters into thinking passage of the levy will not increase their taxes. I took note of the inconsistency of the wording while listening to their radio advertisements. I decided to look further into this and saw the same message on their Web site and even on their promotional signs. Each one of those places proudly advertises the message that it is "not a new tax." While a lawyer could effectively argue that it is not a new tax since they are re-evaluating the old tax at 2008 values, the fact is voters will be paying more-20% more- if it is passed. The Lucas County Children Services could have decided to "renew" the old levy, which would not be a new tax because you would not pay any more than before. But they choose to make the levy a "replacement," which will RAISE your property taxes.

One penny more than what I paid before is a NEW tax, so where is the "not a new tax" they are promising? An organization like Lucas County Children Services should be more responsible when they put together their marketing materials and not mislead voters. This levy WILL raise your taxes if you pass it.

Lucas County Children Services is well know for their, in my opinion, useless television
advertisements telling you, "don't shake your baby." The idiots that shake and abuse their kids are not going to take advice from Dean Sparks or from any other television or radio advertisement the agency runs. Maybe they would not need to ask for more of your money if they were not running these advertisements.

Voters should send the Lucas County Children Services a message "don't shake your voters" because they are going to try to shake us down for more money by making you think you won't be paying any more.

Not every group is doing this. The backers of Issue 39, the Lucas County MRDD levy, are not marketing their replacement as "not a new tax." It is nice to know that some organizations in the county do not want to mislead the voters and decide to follow the responsible route when marketing their levy to voters.

Being responsible creates more trust, even if it is something as small as campaign messages. Trying to trick us on a something small, makes us wonder if tricks are going on in other places, which is why smart groups and organizations stay away from these types of issues.

Want to know what the levies will cost you? Visit the Lucas County ARIES site and search for your own home, click on "Data" then choose the "Levy Estimator" to see for yourself what each levy will cost.


From the Issue 38 FAQ:
Is Issue 38 a new tax?
No. Issue 38 is a replacement levy. It replaces a current levy at the same 1.0 mills that
expires on December 31, 2008.

This is false. Your taxes will go up by about 20% if you vote yes.

What are replacement and renewal taxes?
Replacement levies are tax hikes.
Renewal levies do not increase taxes.
Ohio tax issues are designed to yield the same amount of money each year. Using a complex formula the county auditor adjusts the effective tax rate each year as the value of property increases. If the total value of property - often called the tax duplicate - increases 10 percent in one year, the auditor is required to cut the tax rate by 10 percent.
At the end of 10 years, a 10 mill levy might actually be collected at just a few mills.
A replacement levy restores the tax rate to its original rate - increasing the amount each person pays in taxes .
A renewal levy allows the levy to continue to be collected at the reduced rate.

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'I used to have compassion, but they taxed it and legislated it out of existence.'


'I used to have compassion, but they taxed it and legislated it out of existence.'

I'm with Darkseid. Vote NO on any new levies, referenda or whatever you want to call it. As far as I'm concerned, they can shut down the legislature and pass no new laws, also. We've got too much shit on the books that adversely affect too many people. They seem to be there to suck us dry and take away our freedoms.

I hope Fred will mention this Monday. on WSPD ...the more people who realize the distinction in the terms, the better.

Everyone needs to check out the tax calculator at the LC AREIS site to see what the government wants to strip from us this time.

That foster family I know gets $15 per day for each foster child. On top of that, they get $8/day/child for transportation costs. $23x30x3 becomes a little over $2000 each month for 3 foster children. They already have children, so is an obscenity of fiscal liberalism. It's wasteful. It's immoral.

I'm voting NO on this issue. The agency hands out OUR MONEY in huge amounts just to secure their little empire. My government is not an empire. My government is supposed to permit ME to prosper by simply keeping their hands out of my pockets. It can only do that by being Constitutionally minimal. It should enforce the law 100%, enforce contracts in dispute, and keep the motherfucking utilities on.

We're quickly becoming a sick and twisted society where a vast mass of working poor feeds a huge and expensive government where social whims are indulged in to great excess. THAT is what's killing Toledo. As soon as businesses started to flee en masse, Toledoans should have downsized their government to a truly tiny size. But no, no, the welfare leeches we laughingly call "politicians" sized us up well enough to go on an "economic development" campaign, and seeing how the average Toledoan is about as smart as an ape, we ended up continuing to fund a HUGE government with next to no tax base to support it. Hence taxes are becoming theft, since they must come from the working poor.

The end result is a government monkey on our backs, and monkeys clinging to apes is a good way to visualize what Toledo has become ... a screeching zoo where throwing feces at each other is about the only thing that gets accomplished.

Looking forward to having Chris on tomorrow to discuss this topic at 8:30a. Also Tuesday, Bob Latta, and what Monroe Mi. has done with thier Science Bus. Enjoy.

Here's to the crazy ones, the misfits, the rebels, the troublemakers, the round pegs in the square holes... the ones who see things differently -- they're not fond of rules... You can quote them, disagree with them, glorify or vilify them.

Any statement I make is the opinion of me exercising my first amendment right to freedom of speech. Freedom of speech in the United States is protected by the First Amendment to the United States Constitution and is generally permitted.

Foster parents are paid good money especially in these hard economic times.

Let me dispel the notion that being a foster parent is not a good way to make a living, while you are “giving back”. In the state of Ohio, the per diem for a child 0 to 18 years old is $9.00 minimum to $118.00 maximum for one child. This means a family who takes in two children, will be paid for each child. When you have a child with what they call “Difficulty of care” the per diem shoots up to $85.00 per day for special needs (probably a teenager, a black boy or a sibling group of three or more), for Exceptional needs, which could be a child with extensive medical problems (such as a child with Downs), the per diem is $200.00 per day per child. For a child with Intensive needs (a child who is a sex offender or starts fires.) The per diem is also $200.00. For an emergency Foster care “parent” the per diem is a maximum of $365.

There is also an annual clothing allotment of $1500.00, graduation expenses of $1500.00 and a $2500.00 one time allotment for each child’s personal expenses.

In Lucas County the rates are as follows:
Minimum one normal child $15.00 per day. ($450.00 per month)
Maximum one normal child $118.00 per day.($3540.00 per month)
The minimum is generally for a normal baby and the $118.00 is generally for a normal teenager.
For special needs (same criteria as above) $52.00 per day.($1560. Per month)
For Exceptional (same criteria as above) $52.00 per day.
For Intensive (same criteria as above) $52.00 per day

There is an annual clothing allotment of $1000.00, a $500.00 graduation allotment and a personal allotment of $1000.00.

Do the math. This is a lucrative business and foster parents are no way in a “woe is me” position. If they don’t like or can’t deal with the foster child they have they can have that child removed and get another one. When this happens to a child four or five times, the normal child becomes a child with special needs and then commands a higher per diem. Vicious circle.

This money is not taxable and the foster parents can claim the child on their taxes!

Before LCCSB gets more money for their reign of terror to families they need to open up their books and let the public know where the money is going. How is this money going to impact families positively? Because they are an agency that "protects" children they are able to fly under the radar and keep everything that they do a big secret. They are generally not subject to FOIA requests without a court order. And getting a court order from judges who are also a part of the secrecy is next to impossible especially for a family not able to afford a good attorney who is not afraid of LCCSB.

I realize this is an old thread, but i found it today searching for something else. I feel others may find it and get bad information as well. So, I needed to reply.

First of all, this has nothing to do with the levy issue. I am a foster parent in a different county in OH, but Lucas is my birth county. Let me assure you that the per diem foster parents receive in NO way is enough to provide for the foster child. It is made perfectly clear in training that this is not a way to make money. My per diem barely covers day care for my child for the month. There is nothing left over. There is no clothing stipend. In fact, I have no idea where you got your data, but I am not aware of any other county that provides a clothing stipend. It is considered part of the per diem. We get ONE clothing voucher when first placed with a child because they generally come with nothing but the filthy clothes on their back.

While some foster homes do receive more $$ for high-risked/behaviored children, it is the exception not the norm. Have you ever had a child come into your home and have such destructive fits that they destroy your property, urinate into your heating vents, defecate all over their bedroom walls. Yes, foster children TRADITIONAL homes, (read, those paid the lowest band) can do all of these things and more.

It is a rare case for a child to get diagnosed in such a way to qualify for the highest bands. Those are generally reserved for medically fragile children. And yes, the per diem is high, but there is reason for that. The foster parents of these children generally are unable to work. Taking care of the child is their full-time job. Yes, we used to institutionalize these type of children, but with the foster care "reform" of the 70's, they closed all such institutions. There are some group homes, notable Buckeye Boys Ranch, but again, those are rare.

While certainly I will not deny that *some* foster parents are bad, and have selfish motives. If you were to taken in several children, live in a low-rent neighborhood, and not provide for your foster child, you can pocket some money. But again, those FPs are rare. Most agencies have such strict bylaws and requirements that those type of families get flushed out.

You can be mad at the levy and the need for paying foster parents to surrogate parent children all you want, but foster parents are doing a good service to these children. I wish that I could afford to not work and take in 5 foster children. But there is no way in heck that hte per diem I would get for 5 children would be enough to support my home, myself, and the children.

Perhaps you should instead be mad a system not for the payment to foster parents, but for the constant failure to bring permanency to these foster children. Ohio is the leading violator of the Adoption and Safe Family Act. This act was passed to require termination of parental rights in a timely fashion to allow children to be adopted. There are hundreds of thousands of waiting adoptive families, thousands just in Ohio, who would love to adopt these children and free the tax payers from paying foster parent per diems. But instead, Ohio chooses to keep these children tied up in foster care for years, for some over a decade, all in the guise of "family preservation."

You see, it is really important to OH to keep families together. The birth parents can commit such horrible acts on these children, but as long as they get enough "services" the state can keep pushing the length of stay out in foster care, and not terminate parental rights. In the vast majority of cases, by the time they terminate parental rights, the children are so old, and so damaged, that few adoptive families can handle them. Have you ever tried to reach a child with severe RAD? Do you know what it takes to support these children and try and prevent them from becoming criminals, drug abusers, and poor birth parents themselves? No, of course not, because you want to believe the media hype that foster parents are in it for the money.

Why don't you demand of your congress people to enforce the freakin Federal laws. Bring permanence to these children and get them into loving homes where the odds that they will have successful lives are quite good, as opposed to the significant statistical proof of the children being reuinited, then a year later, coming back into the system, getting so old that they are unadoptable, and then the tax payers have to spend 10 years paying for these children to grow up in foster care until they age out of the system where 47% of them will end up being homeless, on drugs, or in prison, again, there goes your tax dollars at work.

A better solution would be to start sterilizing these men and women who continue to abuse children in utero, and beyond, so that there are fewer children coming into care. It is an atrocity that our nation allows our youngest citizens to grow up like this all in the guise of maintaining the sanctity of family. One Ohio judge likened termination of parental rights as the civil version of the death penalty. Well, let me tell you, some of these parents deserve the death penalty for the abuses that they have done to these children.

So, go after the real problem, the birth parents who bring drug addicted children into the world, the birth parents who would rather abuse and neglect their children than love them, the birth parents who have a revolving door with CPS with repeated births because they have to always be pregnant or have a kid to keep their section 8 housing.

But don't go after the vast majority of loving foster homes who would not be able to help these chlldren without the pittance of dollars provided in the per diem stipend. Yes, it looks like a lot of money on paper, but when you add up the costs of raising these children, it is a small chunk.

latest, they are now no longer making this claim in their commercial. Chalk one up to citizens bringing more accountability.

my comments on WSPD on Brian's podcast page.

The first requirement of being a foster parent is to parent a child until they can be reunited with their family/parent or adopted and get brand new parents/family. Foster parenting is a temporary situation. So when you state "my child" you have stepped over the foster parent line. Also having such a negative attitude against the parents would not lead me to believe that you are doing your job and meeting the requirements of fosterparenting.

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