City of Toledo eager to unload Erie Street market

Publicly, Toledo Mayor Carty Finkbeiner praises the city-owned Erie Street Market building in the Warehouse District as a jewel that will be incorporated into his master vision for the area stretching from East Toledo's Marina District to Swan Creek running through downtown.

But internally, the mayor admitted to his staff in writing that the building and its concert venue "is languishing - with momentum lost and income not meeting expectations."

A series of internal communications last month indicate a growing frustration over the market at 237 South Erie St. - which has cost the city about $150,000 to renovate the southern-most bay into a concert venue during a time the mayor needs to potentially slash $10 million from Toledo's 2008 general operation budget.

Financial statements for the building - which includes Libbey Glass Factory Outlet, an antiques marketplace, and the Civic Center Promenade for private parties - were confusing, the mayor wrote to his development team on Sept. 15.

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Bring back PORTSIDE,you stupid,stupid,stupid,buffoons(TRIPLE STUPID,rare genetic condition of all Toledo Dim's), who have RUINED Toledo!Portside,was an absolute SUCCESS!! Anyone who disagrees either wasn't born yet,or ,is a Marxist fellow traveler, who cannot wait to vote for B.Hussein Obama,a couple of times! Look at the pictures from the era of Portside ,and you will notice many boats,plenty of activities/people ,fairs and other benefits being held down there all THE TIME! Whoever, thought that turning the steam plant into anything other than rubble, has to be INSANE!!!Or, on the take, which, is more than probable!! Turn the area into a REAL RIVERSIDE PARK,like the rest of the world does,not,villas or whatever the fools who NEED my money to do it desire! Toledo,a city on a Great Lake, with the largest river that empties into any of the Great lakes ,runs through it, HAS NO NEW BOAT DEALERSHIP in its city limits?!? WHY?! Toledo, a city, that PRODUCES NEW AUTOS,,has NO NEW CAR DEALERSHIPS in the city limits?!?! WHY??!?! Look back at the rare genetic condition all Toledo Dim's have ,and the answer becomes apparent! Too blasted stupid.Plus,an entrepreneur would get the credit and, Toledo Dimbulb-o-rats could not have ANY OF THAT! It;'s market for them!GOD ,knows Demonrats HATE free enterprise...BIG TIME!!!

I've heard rants like yours before, Johnlaw. The end result is an often unspoken but inevitable reliance on GOVERNMENT SPENDING to enact the "economic development" scam that is currently occupying almost all government culture around here.

Portside is just sitting there. Nobody's stopping a Capitalist entity from purchasing it and enabling your vision. But the smart money's not going to be doing that, since there's just no profit in doing so.

The Portside building itself was built in the "who cares" 1980s where style far outreached sensible things like energy efficiency. I hate to admit it, but the building should just be carefully torn down and recycled into materials for a new age where all this waste-prone construction MUST stop being performed.

At any rate, Johnlaw, I've scratched you, and predictably I've found yet another Socialist underneath. Get thee behind me. Save money for once and capitalize yourself, as was always the design of the USA. Once we get enough of you post-Socialists in the New Age, THEN you will return to recognizing the truth of Capitalism -- it's just free men with savings and homes, as Elbert Hubbard wrote about. Only then will you see in practice that you'd be free to collect into corporations with your savings and then perform the economic development investments YOURSELVES.

NO ANSWERS acompany this as to why ,1) no new auto dealerships within the city limits( I know why!)and, 2) why ,there are no new boat dealerships within the city.The point is, Dims are so bloody stupid,they do not realize just how STUPID,they truly are!! Just a bunch of sqwawking ,stupid,union/Oprah watching ,pig wrind eating ,intellectually challenged mind dead robots.VOTE FOR CHANGE,VOTE FOR CHANGE,as the robot says,VOTE FOR CHANGE,I would bet my LIFE,none of you twinks have ever, or could ever RUN a business.You lillies could not run a profitable whore house " in NEVADA!!!

I didn't deny that the area Democrats are fairly stupid. I was just pointing out that I tested your mettle and found you wanting. You're a Socialist at heart. You're perfectly fine with a huge and/or expensive government as long as it serves YOUR biases. It's not the role of government to RUN BUSINESSES FOR THEM. Government should be Constitutionally minimal. It should tax fairly, enforce the law, resolve contractual disputes, and keep the water and electricity flowing. That sort of government can do NOTHING when businesses flee an area ... except drop taxes ACROSS THE BOARD.

I'm not sure what drugs you're on, Johnlaw, but it's becoming obvious that your dosage needs to be adjusted.

who else ?

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Your maps are as fouled up as your pea sized brains.What school do the kids around the Central ave. strip go to morons? Sylvania,( Southview) to jackasss who have NO answers.What school, do the kids around Franklin Park go to? Sylvania .What schools do kids go to who live around Grogans? Washington Twp. local.The answer to the question about stupidity was answered perfectly,by a truly stupid person!!Thank you for your utter stupidity! You Dims,NEVER FAIL me.Name any new boat dealers within 20 miles of Toledo for a free Lewinski from Kaptur.Harrison Marina-you are joking aren't you twink,they haven't sold a new boat in decades!

is in Toledo,right??!! Uhhhhh, I dont know,i'm voting for the street thug.

City limits ,city limits,city limits.No wonder Toledo is in such poor shape,lillies do not know the difference between a city ,and a township.GOD,we are in for BIG TIME TROUBLES AHEAD!

why all the name calling and smugness on your part, especially considering that you are wrong ?

Brondes Ford is in Toledo,
Grogan is in Toledo - Washington Township is a tiny jurisdiction of about 4 streets over off Stickney,
and Franklin Park Lincoln Mercury is in Toledo.

Don't know your way around ?
Get a map.
Don't know how to read ?
Beyond my control.

Are you being serious, or are you really an idiot?

Brondes Ford Toledo

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John, they're on Secor near Alexis. Kids near there go to Whitmer.

As far as Portside goes, there'll be no bringing it back till the city gets out of it. The city is who ran it into the ground as they have run every business into the ground they've ever touched.

I guess that is why the Toledo Airport is in Swanton ,Heh?! Edison, wonders ,if the kids go to Washington Local schools ,is that Toledo schools? And, if kids go to Sylvania Southview and have a Toledo address, do they still go to Toledo schools? Edison looks in amazement at the STUPIDITY of the typical Toledo dimwit!


Washington Twp.,NOT considered a TPS toilet, according to the Super there,call him,I did! 419-473-8222, you miserable,nitpicking ,whiney girliemen! Grow up twinks,you sissies are as boring as DEATH!

did you REALLY call there? If so, you bothered the man that was there to do a job educating children, not answering half-baked questions from a half-baked nitwit.

I'm going to go reeeeaaaaaaalllllllll sllllllloooooooooowwwwwwww for you:
try to pay attention.

Your first post, on 10.27 @10:26, said NOTHING about schools. Just "city of Toledo".

Brondes is near Whitmer.
Whitmer is located in city of Toledo. And is a part of the Washington Local School System.
Not located in Washington Township.

Grogans is located in city of Toledo, and surrounded by kids that attend WASHINGTON LOCAL schools.

Franklin Park L/M is located in city of Toledo, and is surrounded by kids that attend Sylvania School system.

That is three new car dealerships in city of Toledo. Can you count one, two, three ?

Get a grip. Get back on your medication.

the ONE auto dealer that you're talking about - is that Brondes, or Grogantown?

And you never said TPS - didnt you ask to name ONE dealer in Toledo?

Wake up, fuckstick

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