Mayor: Cherry Street Mission creates homeless problem

Why is there no uproar?

Cherry Street Mission officials say Toledo Mayor Carty Finkbeiner blames the mission for Downtown’s homeless problem.

Finkbeiner said homeless people from Detroit are coming to Downtown because of the exceptional services offered by the Cherry Street Mission.

In a statement released Oct. 21, the mayor said, “Toledo Police were reporting increased numbers of homeless persons were coming from Detroit because we offer three meals daily.”

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Carty's comments are stupid on about 19 levels. A few thoughts:

1. People become homeless for a lot of reasons, not the least of which are addiciton and mental health issues. However, it should not be a surprise that a downturn in the economy will lead to a spike in the number of homeless. Get a clue, Carty.

2. I have been to the Cherry Street Mission, and I have seen the meals. Believe me, the homeless are not getting the Waldorf-Astoria treatment. "Breakfast" one day was a stale, outdated Ding-Dong and a piece of beef jerky with a cup of coffee, while "lunch" was some watery, greyish vegetable soup and bread. Yes, it's better than starving, but the idea that people are hoofing it from Detroit en masse to Toledo for shelter food is hilarious. On most days the Cherry Street Mission's cupboards are all but bare, and many times they have to do some serious improvisation to stretch the meager food donations further.

3. Besides - how exactly do all these homeless get from downtown Detroit to Toledo, Carty? I doubt they still own cars, though for some homeless folks the car is the last major possession they own. A trip from Detroit is at least $10 worth of gas in a car that gets 15 MPG, while a Greyhound ticket is $20 - that's a lot of money to someone dirt-poor. Does Carty think that the homeless are walking here from Detroit? Now, I drive to Detroit twice a week, and I've seen a lot of roadkill on I-75, but I sure haven't seen waves of zombie-like homeless trudging this way. Maybe they are disguised as highway workers with orange helmets, though.

4. It is possible that seasonal migration of a few individuals might cause a temporary uptick in the number of homeless, but folks heading south for the winter sure aren't ending their trip in Toledo. If I were homeless and looking for warm weather, my goal would be Miami, not the frozen western end of Lake Erie.

Perhaps our Mayor needs to aquaint himself with the mission statement of the mission, " Cherry Street Mission Ministries is an associate member of Leadership Foundations of America, a national network of 30 local faith-based organizations that mobilize leaders to tackle our cities' biggest challenges."

How the Mayor and company comes up with the idea that Toledo is a homeless person hot spot with amenities, is simply beyond understanding.

With the loss of jobs and loss of residences the people that did not leave and lost all that they had are more than likely the people that are now at the shelter, but that would run contrary to the Mayor's comments that has not been a decline in jobs, residents, etc.

The boarded up and vacant commercial properties, homes, and loss of income tax revenue and business revenue in other forms from the vacant properties, have nothing to do with the problem.

All one has to do is walk or drive down Monroe Street where the mission is and it is not a scene of a vibrant city.

So stop feeding them (the homeless). If you feed them, they'll just keep coming back for more. Kind of like a stray dog or cat - feed it, and it keeps coming back.

In the case of a dog or cat, you can call Tom Skeldon, County Dog Killer (cats also a specialty!). In the case of the homeless, use the Toledo Police Department SWAT team, or see if Toledo can borrow a few officers from the Lima, Ohio PD. They're a proven quantity.

Sarcasm aside, Carty is truly dumber than a box of rocks. I cannot for the life of me imagine how Dan Rogers handled this meeting. Imagine you're the head of a non-profit organization trying to help the underprivileged, and right in the middle of deciding how you are going to spend your last $27.30, you're informed that the Bull Goose Loony of Toledo and his able assistant, Col. Jackboot, demand your presence at one Seagate for a meeting concerning your clients and ways to get rid of them. They've sent "transportation" for you along with an escort.

Mad Jack
Mad Jack's Shack

If once again his mission was to become, and to have Toledo become a laughingstock.

Perhaps he'll suggest they move the homeless out by the airport as well?

What a douchebag and an embarrasment. the man should be wearing a helmet.

some of the workers are so rude. some of them i think are prejudist the food kitchen is to feed the homeless they dont know were they coming from and how far they have to come to get there theres weman there working for foodstamps telling people they cant eat till lunch after they walked there and missed breakfastand the workers that are getting paid are saying they dint like wep workers im homeless and if i was in there shoes i dont no if i would like work for foodstamps or be homeless eather way it goes some of the workers are not nice people and they are treating people bad were in a resession and nobody deservs that if they dont like holeless people or wep workers they need a new job

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