Kwame Kilpatrick More Text Messages Released

More text messages between former Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick and his former Chief of Staff Christine Beatty were made public Thursday after a Michigan appeals court said Wednesday it would not stop their release.

The messages were released by the Wayne County Clerk’s office in a 644-page document.

In one message, Beatty writes, “I think I’m getting ready to leave. Do I need to stay out to see you or is it looking like not? I just want you to hold me for a few, but if it can’t happen I’ll understand.”

Kilpatrick replied with, “IT’S GOING TO HAPPEN. FIND A SPOT.”

In one series of exchanges, Kilpatrick and Beatty discuss marriage.

Beatty: “Will you marry me?”
Kilpatrick: “YES. WHEN?”
Beatty: “I dont know when, all I know is I want to be your wife! I want you to be my husband. So whenever our lives permit, just say youll marry me.”
Beatty: “I will wait on it! …”

In another dialogue Beatty asks the mayor what he gets from his wife, Carlita, which he doesn’t get from her.

“The tremendous bond of Parenthood. J, J & J’s Mama. The Birth Experiences and the Dreams for our children,” Kilpatrick wrote.

There are also messages in the document sent by Kilpatrick to other woman, suggesting romantic involvement. The women’s names have been blocked out.

One such message reads, “You Too! I was about to jump your bones in Ford Field! LOL.”

But it’s not all sex scandal; there is also talk of business. One text sent by Kilpatrick allegedly shows him trying to smooth over a political decision making waves in the media.

“Ruth, Derick, Howard, Get Casino stmt and stance out there! WE LOOKED LIKE WE F***** UP ROYALLY! Sit down with Media, 2, 4, 7, Frankie, Serch, etc. Stop Ignorance Now!,” writes Kilpatrick in one message.

Wayne County Judge Judge Timothy Kenny said Monday he would release some text messages between Kilpatrick and Beatty, unless the appeals court intervened by Thursday.

The Michigan Court of Appeals said Wednesday it will not interfere.

The messages that are not considered by the defense to be privileged, contain communications between attorney and client or spouses, or might prejudice future jurors will be released Thursday.

Those messages covered by privilege are expected to be redacted in the document, which means about 200 of the messages will be viewable.

Members of the media were charged more than $500 for a copy of the messages.



Some of them are pretty graphic...

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Ha ha!


"Show me a man who lives alone and has a perpetually dirty kitchen, andfive times out of nine I'll show you an exceptional man." -CharlesBukowski

There's a city full of walls you can post complaints at

Damn that! Never Busted!

(Huel apparently did do a reading of the new ones, but no one seems to have the video... YET.)

The whole Kwame situation makes me so angry.

So many people in the City of Detroit are living in desperate conditions. Kwame was supposed to serve them - work to make their lives better.

Yet instead he spent his time on the public dime exchanging steamy messages with his mistress. (And cheating on both his wife and mistress with other unnamed women.) He spends nearly $300K on the city card for travel that was unlikely to be of any benefit to the city...yet the taxpayers were stuck with the tab anyhow. $300K could keep utilities on at a lot of Detroit homes during the bitter cold winter. :(

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