Are Lucas GOP funds being used against local Republicans?

By now its no secret Jon Satinbrook worked for John Kerry according to the Blade, and his hottie Megan Gallagher worked for Democrats Ben Konop and Jack Ford.

His attorney, Scott Ciolek, now appears to have given donations to Democrat Darlene Dunn, according to the Secretary of State reports. Of course it could be a different Scott Ciolek.

It will be interesting to see in the Lucas GOP has payed Ciolek for his services. Hopefully Mr. Stainbrook will look into this

No votes yet I don't think the fact that he may be a democrat or that he's given money to democrat candidates has anything to do with how he represents his clients.

Ciolek and his law firm represent individuals in the lawsuit against the trash tax, against the denial of public records relating to red light cameras, and in the lawsuit the convenience stores have filed against the city of Toledo.

If he's doing work for the LCRP, I do hope he's getting paid, as that's only fair. But according to what I found today, I don't think he'll find the LCRP a lucrative client.

Scott Ciolek was the attorney who represented the Stainbrook crew against the LCRP when they had the Stain's Democrat recruits kicked off the central committee. The evidence of this crew being the C team is piling up. Of course in order to make them the C team of Dems they would have to be successful which is something they have yet to achieve. Wait - they are 100% in filing their paperwork late to the BOE! Success at last!

Scott is the issue. He is just hired to do the work. I would not use guilt by association. Now the issue of Jon using party money to file suits and threatening letters against other Republicans is an issue.

I see a lot of complaining about Jon Stainbrook on this board by many people hiding behind aliases. If you are so disgruntled, why weren't you part of the solution?

Here's how Jon took power: He went out and recruited people to run for positions on the central committee. Mr. Reichert did not. Nor would Mr. Reichert dismiss the executive director when her obvious lack of qualifications and recent criminal behavior had been exposed. Bob Reichert did little or nothing during his chairmanship. I like Bob and I supported him as chairman. But I was horribly disappointed in the lack of leadership or activity.

Jon took advantage of the situation. Nobody else did. So, I ask all of those complaining about Jon, do you plan to run for the GOP Central Committee in 2010? Do you plan to contribute money? Do you plan to run for office?

I remember an active and vibrant Republican Party -- and I'm not talking about Bernadette Noe's reign of terror. I was essentially told that I was not welcome in the party because some of my friends were "against her".

I'm talking about the early 90s when Tom Noe was running the party. Putting aside all of Tom's recent misdeeds, I can tell you the man was an effective party chairman then. We had social events. We had fundraisers. We had an excellent executive director whom Carty Finkbeiner's mouth destroyed. We had volunteers of all ages and we had well-heeled donors backing the party. We also had some electoral success.

I don't care who the chairman is. I want somebody willing to energize the party and recruit candidates, volunteers, and funders from across the party. If you want the same thing, do something besides complaining from behind an anonymous blog handle.

Chris, you'd be the exception to my rant. You identify yourself and your past support and continued advocacy for Republican principles, if not the party chairman, make you part of the solution.

of Jon and what he would do, so I can understand why they would want to hide behind a screen name. I am not afraid of Jon or anyone else he knows.

But you are right. I want a vibrant party. Jon had the numbers and got in. I hope that the Republican party wakes up and use the problems he brings as a wake up call to get on the right track. I am hoping that good comes out of all of this. Jon needs to improve his behavior if he really wants to earn respect of me and others, but I don't see this happening.

jon stainbrook recruited a bunch of losers many of whom couldn't do much more than drool all ove the paperwork in front of them much less read it. I thoroughly support the stain and his efforts to create a C team for the dem. party. But really, come on brian, most of these people are a joke and the joke is on the republican party.
Why am i the only one laughing?!

"energize" the party, maybe a Palin look -a- like? :=)

standard here. You state """"Some people are afraid of Jon and what he would do, so I can understand why they would want to hide behind a screen name.""""

So you do understand why someone would "hide behind a screen name." Why the push for "People like Pink" to reveal their real names?

while you have a point, Jon has been known to target people who don't like him. While PinkSlip is reposting talking point articles, there is a bit of a difference between someone with a history of targeting opposition while someone who appears to be paid to post here. I don't allow spammers to post here and if Pink Slip is, that is very close to spamming. I see it as a bit of a difference between Jon and people who would make Pink Slip afraid.

Good question :)

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