Sylvania Merger – Deception, Dishonesty and Outright Lies

Mayor Craig Stough and the fat cat Sylvania City Council won't leave it alone. Frustrated with stealing township land one small parcel at a time by holding the landowners hostage to water, His Corpulence has decided to try for all the marbles under the guise of a merger between the city of Sylvania and Sylvania Township. He outlines a few of his reasons in a letter to the editor:

In particular, His Corpulence quotes a study done by the University of Toledo. I was present when the authors of that study presented it to the residents at a public meeting, and after five minutes of standard disclaimers the authors stated that all the necessary information could not be retrieved, so the study was made up of estimates and guess work. This is particularly true with regards to income tax.

Pam Hanley was on the Brian Wilson show (WSPD 1370) to explain what's really happening with the attempt to merge, and the general reaction of Sylvania Township residents to the proposed merger.

Here's the link:

Residents against the merger have also established a web site:

If the merger takes place, township residents will begin paying income tax to the city, will have their civil liberties sharply curtailed and will be served by an inferior, unfriendly police force courtesy of the city of Sylvania. To prevent the merger, vote NO on issue 8 and 16.

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Stough's letter was so arrogant, it made me want to spit nails!

It's all about the income tax. Those of us in the township don't rely on anyone else to pay for our government and services. The city does. They impose an income tax on those who work but do not reside in the city. Can you say "Taxation Without Representation"?

The city is sitting on over $30 million in surplus tax revenue, yet doesn't lower or eliminate taxes. Sylvania would be more competitive with the Township by lowering or eliminating the income tax. Starlight Plaza and the old Churchills Plaza would both be redeveloped or at least vibrant again if the taxes were lower.

But instead of lowering taxes, Mayor Stough wants to level the field by imposing them on the township.

And lets not forget the lopsided "commission". Issue 8 (City) has 5 commissioners. All of whom reside in the city. Issue 16 (Township) has 5 Commissioners. 4 are township residents, 1 is now a city resident. One Sylvania knew this man had petitioned for annexation, but did nothing to replace him on the ballot. So there's a natural 6-4 majority for the city on this "commission".

Of course, with a name like "One Sylvania", I think they've telegraphed their intention...

NO ON 8 NO ON 16

The only way this will get passed is by a combination of deception and apathy. The group One Sylvania is not the work of some unaffiliated group of citizens as is deceptively claimed on their web site; One Sylvania is headed by Pam Haynam, who is the wife of Sylvania city councilman Doug Haynam. Doug is Chair of Sylvania City Council's Annexation and Zoning Committee. Sheer coincidence, I expect.

Sylvania Township has quite a few retired people living in it. If they can be stirred up enough to get out and vote against this land grab, Haynam can be sent packing for a while.

Mad Jack
Mad Jack's Shack

The seniors are being promised a property tax cut, and that they won't pay the income tax. The "greatest generation" needs to remember what this will do to EVERYBODY ELSE. Look around at your neighbors and their children. Do you really wish to push more taxes on them? Sadly, our politicians pander to seniors, and promise them tax breaks in exchange for their vote. They don't realize what they are doing to future generations.

but what "civil liberties" will be "sharply curtailed"?

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