TPS students making campaign literature as part of class assignments?

Maggie Thurber is reporting on her blog, TPS students are making pro-levy cards to send to their parents in class. That is just poor taste and a perfect example of group think gone bad.

From Maggie's blog:
According to two teachers who called in to Eye On Toledo tonight (podcast to be linked as soon as it's posted), the use of children to fill out the postcards was not a system-wide or even a school-wide directive.

For this I am awarding the Poor Taste Award to whomever came up with this idea.

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Only Toledo, unionized brain washed and brain dead 'indoctrinators' could dream up this sort of Hitler-style demagougery! My Lord,don't any of you overpaid,under-worked,great benefits paid by citizens,suckers have any decency in your souls at all?! Oh,heathens are souless,sorry...I forgot!

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