From stealing medicine from a sick patient at the Toledo Hospital to Lucas County GOP Central Committee chair

Yesterday, I posted a link of some protesters protesting the Lucas County GOP and I thought it was interesting that there was a mug shot of Meghan Gallagher on the poster. Well a little bit of snooping around landed me some more information on why she has a mug shot in the court system. The reason: Meghan was caught stealing medicine from a sick patient at the Toledo Hospital.

Abusing homeless and stealing from sick patients are two things that can get you a ticket straight to hell. Fortunately, the patent reported it which is what got Meghan arrested. Meghan admitted to being addicted to pain killers.

I have attached a copy of the police report and case files. They are an interesting read. Also note the person named “John” who called the victim wanting to make everything right to avoid a police report.

Now this did not happen in New York, but happened right here in Toledo. Makes you wonder why some deserve articles in the Toledo Blade while others get ignored. I also filed this under media bias because I am also trying to make a point about coverage. It also makes Jon Stainbrook look like an absolute idiot for trying to act all holier than thou, while sitting on a chest bulging at the seams of skeletons. Jon, if you had standards, you would fire Meghan and ask her to resign from Central Committee, because that is the exact thing you said should have been done. But maybe there is more to the story…

I have also included the brochure from the University of Toledo commencement where Meghan proudly listed she worked on Jack Ford's and Ben Konop’s campaign. And people wonder if Jon and Meghan are real Republicans? How can you not?

Other verifications:
2125 Bridlewood is registered to a Stainbrook.

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First thing that caught my eye was Keith Dressel listed as the officer assigned to the case.

(Not because its relevant to Meghan's wrongdoing...its was just sad/eerie to see his name on the paperwork and be reminded of what happened to him.)

I had the same thought as you.

Wow! What was that saying my mother taught me? Oh yeah, something like if you live in a glass house you shouldn't throw stones. Looks like its time for those who have been trashed by this group of misfits is ready to fire back. Nice timing!

Strong stuff, and 78 pills swiped,according to the police report. That's not someone looking for a cheap buzz, IMHO: that's some serious addiction issues. Addicts craving this much Oxycontin have probably sunk to the point where they are crushing it and snorting it, or (worse) injecting the drug for an instantaneous high.

In the South they call Oxycontin"Hillbilly Heroin" because it is so potent and addictive. I trust that Megan has followed through with the appropriate addiction treatment, though of course her medical records are none of our business.

Still, I wouldn't leave an empty script pad around her. I'm just saying....

Was she stealing it for herself or for the Stain? Word on the street is he has a serious addiction and is very volatile when mixing with alcohol.

Meghan is also the Ohio Republican Party's Victory Director in Lucas County. I would think a reputable organization such as the ORP would stand more to lose from this incident than a known bunch of losers at the LCRP.

had "Jon the SkidMark" received the same investigative probing as "Joe the Plumber"?

Sorry folks, but many of us had our reservations of this dumbass back in May.

This is not only no surprise, but this was predicted to happen.

and the lemmings just let it go....

This is hysterical, just another reason to be proud to live in Toledo!

Rush Limbaugh, Cindy McCain and now Meghan Gallagher...

What's with conserviatives and Oxycontin?


Given her past ties I would not exactly call Meghan Gallagher a conservative. More like an opportunist who needed a job.

The Republican Party really is the embodiment of the culture of corruption!
Let look at a timeline of their progress in Lucas County of the past couple of years:
Spring 2006 Robert F. Reichert becomes party chair.
Fall 2006 Conviction of Tom Noe of both multiple federal and state felonies.
Fall 2006 Republicans lose their asses in 06 general across the state (not to mention country!)
Entire 2007 Reichert coasts lackadaisically along, ho hum.
Jan. 2008 Jon "The Stain" Stainbrook files loads of questionables for the R Central Committee which is ripe for a takeover.
Jan. 2008 Reichert fails in his quest for candidates willing to run under the R banner.
Jan 2008 Enter Joanne Wack and her storied past with a felony conviction.
June 2008 The Stain is successful in his bid for LCRP Chairman amidst much hulabaloo from the esteemed local paper.
late summer early fall 2008, The press LOVES the stain! (or are they just afraid he will sue them if they don't?)
Enter the gang including Larry Matthew Bartow who entered a diversion program to avoid a felony conviction for STEALING from REPUBLICAN candidates and is the county chairman for McCain. Meghan Gallagher who admittedly is addicted to oxycontin.and running the show for McCain in Lucas County and has worked for Democrat candidates. Plus the Stain who has sued and been sued, add his criminal charges over a 20 year period, lets call him professional litigator to keep it simple.
I have to say this looks like a great year for the Dems and with friends like that helping McCain, well........ I predict Obama will take 70% of Lucas County. Lets hope Bartow is handling the mailings for McCain!
To the rest of you R's that are left, come on over there is room in the Democratic Party, we can start a C team!

that the article in the Blade was prompted by Wack's perjury stunt in court when denying her past "issues" rather than the "issues" themselves.

This is infuriating....this "new party" gives us nothing more to be proud of than the leadership in the past two shifts in power. Hearing of Bartow's and Gallagher's pasts, and Stainbrook's endorsement of the COSI levy, I am more disheartened than ever. As jimmy d says, "this looks like a great year for the Dems and with friends like that helping McCain."

The party needs an overhaul, new blood, people we can be proud of.

I was involved in the party way back when Paula Pennypacker ran for mayor. Life got in the way and my interest waned. Then, a friend recruited me as a district chair, but after the election, I stopped attending the Central Committee meetings, and once the Noe scandal hit, my confidence in the local party nosedived. There are probably a whole lot of us who feel this way, but didn't hang in there long enough to help rebuild and renew.

I wonder if Kelly Bensman is insanely jealous right now because it is all about Meghan. She is like the Jan Brady of this strange little menage a trois.
Strange how the stain's taste in women has changed over the years, the girls he used to date were HOT. Now he has these 2, one is scrawny and homely the other is scrawny and reptilian. They are in the order of his favorite 1st. You have to figure out which is homely and which is reptilian.
Neither one can hold a candle to Andrea, in fact combined they still can't!

I wonder if Meghan would be willing to share her diet plan with the rest of us. In her mug shots from her arrest she was sort of a fatty and now she is super skinny! Maybe her boyfriend needs to take her out to dinner and feed the poor girl.
Oops! I forgot, her boyfriend doesn't have a job so it would be hard to go out to dinner on food stamps. Maybe all that extra cash they are raking in from the republican party will help pay for some evenings out.
Come to think of it, stainbrook is pretty thin too. Must be the oxycontin diet plan. Hey Jon, get some pants that fit. You always look like you shit your pants and are still carrying the load with ya!

Well, if the steamy windows and undone belt buckles in Stainbrook's car this past spring were any indication, I know what kind of diet Meghan is on.

Its hard to stuff food in your mouth when your mouth is full of.....

but that's just speculation


are bad. Report to the principal's office for a demerit.

Come on princess, level with us. Is it skidmark wang or oxcontin? The world is waiting. Now that we know you are not lily white you can level with us.

The Bridlewood address is Jon Stainbrooks dads house and yes Jon is a drug addict. Shame he took down a woman half his age with twice as much promise. Also a shame that Detroit methdone clinics dont have public records. I hope Meghan can find a way to rid herself of his sleazy ass.

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