Jeep to idle second shift?

13 ABC breaking News:

Inside sources tell 13abc the second shift at the Toledo North Assembly Plant could be idled. We are told that the official word may be released in the coming days. The Toledo North Assembly Plant puts out Nitros and Jeep Liberties.

I know...let's tax Chrysler more and "spread the wealth around". That will surely save jobs!

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The buying slowed down even before the economy tanked.

The car companies kept on producing and the dealer lots are full and the company lots are full.

It is really fascinating to watch companies with a business plan that revolves around selling a new product to the market place every year, when the product made lasts longer and longer and yet the company tries to keep production levels the same when the marketplace is not buying as often as before

Chrysler LLC announced early Thursday that it will eliminate approximately 825 employees at its Toledo Jeep Assembly complex because of slow sales of its products.

The involuntary layoffs are expected to occur by year’s end, but may be offset by attrition as employees take buyout offers that are expected to be offered, The Blade has learned.

The cut effectively eliminates the second shift at the Toledo North plant, where the Jeep Liberty and Dodge Nitro are made. Added production cuts — but not job losses — are expected to be made at the Toledo South plant where the Wrangler is made.

At this time last year, Chrysler employed nearly 4,000 people in its two plants in North Toledo. By the end of the year, that number could be down to 1,400.

Early this morning, Chrysler LLC formally announced the elimination of the second shift at Toledo North, as well as a related decision to speed up its previously announced closure of its Newark Assembly Plant in Newark, Del., which makes the Dodge Durango and Chrysler Aspen.

“The markets are facing unprecedented turmoil and we are in a time of historic change in the auto industry,” Frank Ewasyshyn, executive vice president – manufacturing for Chrysler said in a written statement.

Chrysler said approximately 825 jobs at Toledo North would be affected, and another 1,000 jobs will be lost when the Newark plant closes Dec. 31.

"The government may get involved to preserve jobs in the industry and protect Chrysler's pension plan, which has about 125,000 people receiving benefits. Chrysler employs about 49,000 people in the U.S.

Chrysler, whose sales have dropped 25 percent during the first nine months of the year, also has debt that would have to be resolved, but the amount isn't available because Chrysler is a private company."

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