Issue 6: MyOhioNow Ohio's Resort Casino Files Complaint with Ohio Elections Commission

(Columbus, Ohio,/ October 20) MyOhioNow PAC (Yes on Issue 6) will file a
complaint with the Ohio Elections Commission today calling to stop the false
statements in advertising by the No on 6 Committee. The next step will be a
hearing on Thursday before the Ohio Elections Commission to determine if there
is probable cause.

"We have filed this complaint as the No On 6 PAC has made false statements
in advertising knowingly or with reckless disregard of the truth and with
the intent of affecting the results of the election in violation of Ohio
Revised Code ยง 3517.22(B)," said Rick Lertzman of the MyOhio PAC that supports
Issue 6 for Ohio's Resort Casino.

Mr. Lertzman continued "Ohio has been besieged with a reported $40 million
in false and misleading advertising by the No On 6 PAC that is funded by
Penn National/Argosy Casinos. Intentionally false and deceptive ads have been
created and we believe we needed to file the complaint to let the voters in
Ohio become aware that No on 6 PAC has clearly crossed the line and have created
ads that are very deceptive," continued Mr. Lertzman.

" Ads that claim that the casino will hire criminals (the fact is that
casino employees in a Class III casino must be licensed by the State)and will pay
no taxes (the casino/resort must pay ALL taxes every company in Ohio MUST pay
(Federal, State, Property, Sales, CAT(commercial activity tax), Occupancy,
Employment TAXES etc.) are clearly false. In Addition to all normal taxes,
we must pay a 30% gross gaming win tax.," said Dr. Brad Pressman, co-founder
of MyOhioNow.

"Also very disturbing to us is the unwarranted personal attack on our
partner Lakes Entertainment and its CEO Lyle Berman. Mr. Berman has been the
epitome of the American dream where he has built a successful business (in both
retail, hospitality and gaming), has been recognized by his peers (many honors
including one in Fortune Magazine), and holds gaming licenses (in California,
Michigan and Oklahoma.) Personal attacks like these in an Issue campaign are
an attempt to harm an individual's reputation. Both Rick and I feel proud
and honored to have Lakes Entertainment and Lyle Berman as our partners and we
will fight these outrageous claims," said Dr. Pressman.

Mr. Lertzman concluded, "The important aspect to remember is that Issue 6
will create up to 10,000 jobs in the casino, construction and outside
industries. These needed jobs along with the estimated $200 million dollars in
revenues to be shared by all Ohio counties will not take place if Issue 6 fails.
Penn National/Argosy will continue to benefit themselves and Indiana, but once
again, Ohio will be left out in the cold."

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