Troy Neff Show: Troy Calls Brian Wilson what he is...

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Yesterday Brian Wilson from WSPD decided to take a shot a Troy Neff. This morning Troy responds and called out Brian Wilson for what he is...
This is a must listen.

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Brian Wilson

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Bravo! Finally someone calls out the pompous, egomanical douchebag Wilson. He came here to be a big fish in a small pond, to educate the local hicks about how things are done in the Beltway. He's a wanna-be intellectual, a faux elitist, a name-dropper, and a hack whose vocabulary is limited to a stale set of corny cliches which he mumbles out like he's half-drunk. He tries to throw his ponderous weight around much like his punching bags Carty and JR Block at the Blade, bullies with whom Wilson shares so much in common. He can't have a decent conversation with anyone who disagrees with him; he resorts to name-calling and personal attacks to mask his insecurity, and in this case, I suspect jealousy as well. He needs to go back east and take his tired shtick with him. Good for you Troy.

Fred response in 3...2...1...

Oh, they'll probably come back with a "who's forcing you to listen?" argument-----before they go back to bashing The Blade, and they won't even notice the irony.

People like Pink Slip

Pink Slip

Amen...You hit the nail on the head.

....but ever since Wilson came onboard I can't stand to listen to it.

he is over the top sometimes on his rants. But folks like the rant , and local govt. needs to be held accountable, council won't do it.

Troy and Brian both suck and they with the bland have contributed to people in the Toledo are getting progressively dumber.

Of all three neither offer solutions and are content with being self-promoting blowhards.

I think we should deport them all to Mexico where they will have loads of problems they can blame each other for.



check for the Robert Zubrin interview. In his book "Energy Victory" he lays out his plan to free the US from oil dependence. Solutions don't just come from me. They often times comes from guests. You may be required to listen and open your mind.

would they be deported?

As you stated on another thread++++++Submitted by MikeyA on Sat, 2008-10-18 08:55.
The biggest threat to our political system are comments like those of Pink, purnht, and McCaskey in this thread and the character assination by the bland.++++++

I think this is a threat to our political system when someone or thing can be deported because of not offering offer solutions and are content with being self-promoting blowhards.

purnhrt, it's called sarcasm. Please read the whole post. The whole thing was a putdown to two blowhards.

If you need me to more clearly spell things out for you then press your call button and Tommyboy will come back and hit you over the head with a tack hammer because you are a retard.

(Just so purnhrt knows I don't actually know someone named Tommyboy and I don't condone anyone hitting the mentally challenged over the head with anything. I used a quote from a movie but maybe that's too far over her head as well)



We already have Flex fuel vehicles and the production cost of Ethanol has impacted food prices, globally.

"A world leader in biofuels, Brazil has decades of expertise in making ethanol for cars from sugar cane, in a process that is much more economically viable than using corn, the main source for ethanol in the United States.

Brazil started a national program to stimulate consumption and production in the 1970s. The most recent boost to the program came in 2003, with the introduction of flex-fuel vehicles that can run on gasoline, ethanol or a mixture of the two. In Brazil, ethanol consumption surpassed that of gasoline this year for the first time in two decades."

methanol. He also debunks the idea that ethanol caused food shortages.

yeah, spell it out for me because "people like me" don't understand sarcasm, satire, irony or any of those other things you learn is school.

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