Council, city administrators clash over Toledo deficit

TOLEDO (WTOL) - The city of Toledo's general fund budget continues to operate with a multi-million dollar deficit. City leaders are trying to figure out what to do before the end of the year.

City of Toledo administrators got quite an earful from council members regarding the budget.

"You have to have police. You have to have fire, trash pick up. But how do you know how to budget for them when you don't know how much money you have," asked Council Member Betty Schultz.

She's reacting to a report given to council Thursday, October 16 which shows the city's general fund is $7 million dollars in the hole as of August 31. "The information we're getting is two months old. To look after the fact... This is absolutely unacceptable and ridiculous," Schultz adds.

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The city of Toledo's general operating fund is nearly $10 million in the red, according to information released yesterday to councilmen who then berated Mayor Carty Finkbeiner's handling of the burgeoning budget crisis.

City Finance Director John Sherburne said there is "a distinct possibility," the city will have to plug a $10 million deficit.

Mr. Sherburne said the primary causes for the shortfall include:

•Income tax collections through September that were down $6.6 million.

•Overtime costs for city employees that are $2 million over projections.

•Revenue from red-light cameras that is $750,000 less than expected.

•Fuel costs that are $1.5 million over budget.

"The reports you are going to hear are not the rosy picture we had hoped to bring to the floor of council," Mr. Sherburne told council's finance committee.

Wait a minute. This sounds negative to me. And believe me, I know negative. Tax revenues are down, red light camera fines are down, overtime costs up, fuel costs up. The mayor hires a new spokesperson, spends money on a Bland ad, continues to add flowers, signs, lights etc. All the things WSPD has been talking about for the last 3 years. You people are nitpickers, welcome to the club.

Any statement I make is the opinion of me exercising my first amendment right to freedom of speech. Freedom of speech in the United States is protected by the First Amendment to the United States Constitution and is generally permitted.

How the hell can a city budget be so far off?

I understand that Carty is a total and complete moron who cannot find his ass with both hands, but wasn't City Council also involved?

Can't any "leaders" in Toledo even add correctly?

Oh, never mind. You Toledoans will keep voting for whomever John Robinson Block tells you to vote for.

Don't blame me,
I didn't vote for a

I work at a fortune 500 company, and if we went over budget by a huge margin there sure as HELL would be some clashing! I'd HOPE somebody's pitching a bitch in the government about it!

I dont often agree with Betty, but when she says You have to have police. You have to have fire, trash pick up. she's right, and yes, those are the brunt of the budget, but the rest of the fluff out there - how much are we paying for that?

People poo poo the 'pittance' we pay for lights and flowers, but when you put that stuff onto a spreadsheet and add it up, and include what we pay for the ESM and the other charitys that Carty spends our money on, what's that all add up to?

"Revenue from red-light cameras that is $750,000 less than expected."

Since there is no way to know beforehand, how many people run red lights/speed, then there is no objective way to expect how much money it is going to collect to be included in the budget. If there's no way to project, then this will skew their numbers to say whatever they want them to say.

proof your local government lied to you.

to even think they were "traffic calming devices" shows how dumb your mayor and city council think you are....

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