Young Republicans support lower taxes, unlike Jon Stainbrook and the "New Party"

If this is an example of the "New Party", then we are in for only more disappointment. It sounds very Rinoish. Thank goodness that the Young Republicans (I am Vice President) are standing up for lower taxes and good government. If you did not hear Jon this morning on Fred's show you should.
Young Republicans oppose Republican Party Levy Endorsement

This in via email from the Lucas County Young Republicans:

Toledo Young Republican Club Opposes Republican Party Levy Endorsement

TOLEDO, OH — In a controversial vote on Wednesday, October 15, the Lucas County Republican Party chose to support a variety of property tax levies, including the COSI levy, slated to appear on the November ballot.

The Executive Committee of Toledo Young Republican Club has publicly come-out against the Party’s support of the levies because it is, as they say, counter to the Young Republican Club’s stated mission to infuse the ideas of freedom and liberty into the framework of local government.

“This was not an easy decision to make,” stated Club President, Jeff Simpson. “The Young Republican Club is on the same team as the County Party but this endorsement to raise our neighbor’s property taxes is against the values of the Club,” Simpson said.

According to the Lucas County Auditor’s office, if all levies on the ballot pass in the upcoming election, it would raise the property taxes on a $100,000 house in Toledo by approximately $95.00 per year. A move, many in the community say they cannot afford in the current economic climate.

Simpson concluded that, “Despite this disagreement, the Young Republican Club will continue to help local Republican Candidates this election season, but we would not be living up to our own principles or serving our members well if we supported these tax levies with the County Party.”

The mission of the Toledo Young Republican Club is to provide leadership within our state, county, city and communities while enhancing fellowship between our members and creating working relationships with those in public policy positions. This is done in order to infuse the ideas of freedom and liberty into the framework of our local governments.

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Jon is a Democrat.
Jon is a John Robinson Block stooge.
Jon is in bed with Czarty.

It is obvious to everyone that there is now a C team of Democrats sucking up to the Blade and they are being led by a RINO.

Don't blame me,
I didn't vote for a

What levies did the Republican party endorse and why - if anyone has that information?

Chris perhaps you can answer this question since you seem to be VP and in the know.


I don't know the party endorsements, the YRs just came out against the COSI levy, but we could consider other levies.

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