Who is Cody Wagner and who should really be concerned?

Here is a letter I received from the Lucas County Board of Elections. Who should be more concerned Cody Wagoner or I?

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You received this in error?

This doesn't even make sense. It's telling him he failed to change his address before a date in the future.

Quite frankly, I think this means we ALL have to be concerned.

Did the address on the letter match your address? If so, it almost sounds like someone tried to apply for an absentee ballot using your address.

(If the address on the letter did not match yours, then that seems like a pretty big screw up on the post office end.)

I received my absentee ballot today, now I am suspicious. I think I am going to request a copy of the registration form and see what is going on.

Let's hope that someone did not try to apply for an absentee ballot using my address.

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