Who won the final debate tonight?

John McCain
42% (40 votes)
Barack Obama
37% (35 votes)
Joe "The Plumber"
21% (20 votes)
Total votes: 95
No votes yet


the plumber for sure. He was the only one who made sense.

Chris has a point--Joe clearly and concisely explained (without voicing support for either candidate) exactly why McCain's economic stance would work for him and the rest of America.

I get frustrated with McCain's spliel--He isn't always clear in his delivery. He needs to say he will cut spending to fund programs, rather than pointing out that "Obama wants to increase spending." He needs to say that under Senator Obama's plan, businesses and higher-wage earners would bear the burden of running the goverment and that may very well force them to leave our shores, further cutting employment.

He also needs to point out that employee-sponsored health plans are not a right, but are, in fact, a benefit, which is why they should be taxed. Obama says that under his plan, we can keep our employee-sponsored coverage. If employers are taxed to high heaven, won't they pass that expense on to their employees...or cut coverage completely?

I was bothered by Obama's tendency to 'take' virtually every punch thrown by McCain with a sheepish grin, often looking down while doing so.

I understand the strategy with not being the aggressor. If you're ahead in the polls, don't upset the applecart. But you've got to respond with a stronger, more forceful reply when attacked, and McCain attacked all night long.

I predict a tightening of the race based on a perceived Obama 'softness.'

1. McCain spent far too much time telling people why NOT to vote for Obama instead of convincing viewers that he and the GOP have better ideas. Also: what's with those strained smiles of McCain last night? If anything, he looked severely constipated.

2. Once again, Obama played not to lose. Only a few times did I ever get the sense that I was hearing anything substantive, and he also spent too much time defending the false-flag Bill Ayers nonsense.

I'm alomost sorry I stayed up to watch this non-event - between McCain's frequent (and borderline rude) interruptions and Obama's unwillingness to stray from talking points, this was less a political debate and more of a choreographed, snarky fĂȘte.