Troy Neff Show: BREAKING NEWS - Collins Fires Off Letter To The Mayor About Blade Ad

This is brought to you from the only show that brings you the newsmakers everyday. After seeing the full page ad in The Toledo Blade to Barack Obama, Michael Collins picked up the phone to call the Troy Neff Show FIRST. Tomorrow on the only am radio talk show that gets newsmakers, Troy will have Toledo's biggest newsmaker of all, Mayor Carty Finkbeiner. Tune in when Mayor Finkbeiner calls in for his weekly time slot on the only show that get's the newsmakers everyday.

If you want up to date information straight from the newsmakers, make sure to tune in tomorrow and weekday mornings to the Troy Neff Show, WCWA 1230am. 6 to 10am DAILY

The Letter:

Michael Collins letter to the mayor

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Thanks for the information Troy. Can't wait to see how this plays out.

Great Show, I listen everyday.

I don't wish to appeaer to be picking on your faults, but when you speak with the mayor tomorrow would it possible to not giggle through the entire interview. It's very annoying and I find it difficult to listen to an entire podcast when you do that. That said, good luck getting the mayor to say anything other than that Collins is making too much of it, the money wasn't that great a dollar figure, and he will be paying it back anyway.
People who live in a Glass City shouldn't throw stones.

People who live in a Glass City shouldn't throw stones.

Lets' see what happens if you dare expose his misdeeds sometime. Good thing there are a few media people in town willing to do that.

and have fun. Maybe someday I will care what you think. That day has not yet come. I really think it would be better if you just didn't listen and moved on.

Lisa's post on GCJ. I believe it was my show that had 2 city council members on to raise the questions regarding Carty's ad for Obama in the Blade. Those who hate the mayor will never like my interviews with him. I prefer to hear from the mayor, even if I don't agree.

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