Would you make this golf mistake? It DQ'd St Ursula's Golf Team

George Tanber has another story on how an odd rule disqualified the St. Ursula golf team.
The controversy began harmlessly enough on the 17thhole in a foursome that included St. Ursula Academy’s No. 2 player, junior Megan McKernan and the three No. 2 players from opposing teams. McKernan’s third shot on the Par 5 came to rest on the fringe of the green which clearly had been damaged and should have been marked as ground under repair, according to Heatherdown’s head professional, Mike Stone.

Had the area been marked with a white circle, as it should have been, McKernan would have simply moved her ball to an acceptable spot no closer to the hole. In this instance, because there were no rules officials on the course, McKernan conferred with the other three players in the group and decided to play two balls, the original one that was sitting on the damaged turf and a second one she dropped nearby.
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I heard about this on Monday. These young girls should be learning about sportmanship and pride in performance. Instead they were exposed to the actions of a zealot who decided to use the rules (not the spirit of the game) to favor his preferred competitors. A bad ruling and an embarrassing event.

Big Jim

Big Jim

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