Ohio GOP plays voter fraud card

If Republican lawsuits and rhetoric are any indication, the specter of voting fraud is looming large over the November election.

A weeklong period in which new voters can register and immediately cast a ballot? Ripe for voting fraud. The state's method of verifying voter registration information? Insufficient to prevent voter fraud.

Voter fraud was a buzz phrase for the Ohio GOP when it pushed voter identification requirements through the state Legislature in 2005. It's now a driving factor behind a flurry of GOP lawsuits leveled against Democratic Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner, seeking either to restrict early voting or mandate how voter information should be checked.

But do the arguments come with supporting evidence that voter fraud is prominent, or that the current election system isn't catching it when it does happen? No. (cont.)

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read the Columbus Dispatch editorial, it sums up the problems quite nicely and succinctly.


Yeah, the Dispatch editorial suggests that Brunner should have broken the law. As an Ohio Republican Chris, I'm sure that makes you feel right at home.

People like Pink Slip

Pink Slip

reading this, just read the editorial and you will see how wrong Pink Slip, but since this user refuses to ID them self, this person could really be paid to post here, so any comments and post should be looked upon with suspicion until we can verify that Pink Slip does not live in California or is not a paid operative.

For some more reading of why the registrations must be verified take a look at what is happening in Cleveland:


teenager registered 73 times by Acorn

Read that and what the Dispatch says and you will see the issue.

Yes readers, please read the Dispatch editorial. I do agree with Chris that these registrations must be verified. But the County Board of Elections is capable of doing this, like the court said. Here's more reading on the subject

People like Pink Slip

Pink Slip

"so any comments and post should be looked upon with suspicion until we can verify that Pink Slip does not live in California or is not a paid operative."

Too funny. You're a wreck.


what is wrong with that comment? We all deserve to know Pink Slip's motivations for the posts, and PinkSlips dancing around who the user is says a lot. I would want to hide if I was paid to post somewhere.

What is wrong McCasky? Instead of calling names tell everyone what is wrong with us knowing the motivations of someone who's posts are more partisan than anyone else.

not allowed to comment here or voice an opinion about possible Ohio fraud issues?

Is it only registered Ohio voters or Ohio residents allowed on here now?

My wife just gave me a buck to post this; guess that makes me a paid 'operative' too.

what difference does it make where "People like Pink" lives? This is a national election. Am I missing something? That Brian guy lives in Florida somewhere, what is the problem where people live. As far as real names, I would really like to know who tpsteacher24 is because I sure in hell hope he/she is not an actual TPS teacher.

95% of the posters here actually talk about other topics as you know, your comments and support are not based on talking points but based on what you believe. 97% of Pink Slip's posts are extremely partisan and as noted by other posters seem very much like they are coming out of a play book. We deserve to know Pink Slip's motivations for posting such partisan topics. Until we know who Pink Slip is we could theorize by just the topics that this user could be paid to be here.

Ha ha ha...

People like Pink Slip

Pink Slip

I believe I started posting on Toledo Talk (old version) at least 3-4 years ago.

Someone with the username 'Pink Slip' was posting and commenting back then. He/She was around here before you, I would imagine.

Get a grip. If you have evidence he/she works for the Democratic Party, that they get paid to post for the Dem. Party or anybody else...show us the goods.

Frankliy, even if they were....so what? You're well-known within local Republican Party circles; your posts are just as slanted the other way.

Seriously, grow the hell up. Let the readers of this blogsite make their minds up, on their own, about Pink Slip, myself, or anyone...including you, without your whiny preaching and holier-than-thou sermonizing.

Chris Myers' obsession with me is getting a little creepy. Should I be worried? Chris, I live in Toledo and grew up in Bedford. Short of that, you don't need to know anything else about me. I'm not looking for anyone new right now. I have a wonderful, beautiful girlfriend who I'm about to propose to.

People like Pink Slip

Pink Slip

must be running out of things to say.

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