Carty has his list of life on Mars, how about we create our own list?

If you did not read Carty's response to the Toledo Free Press, you should. You get a sense of what the Martian land rovers see on Mars. Of course everything is fine and dandy if you read the 17 positives Carty wanted to highlight (is this the launch of his re-election and his 17 points of success?). So I thought, why don't we come up with our own list? So on this thread feel free to put your items of either life on Mars or life on Earth in response to Carty's letter. Let's see if we can come up with more than 17.

You can read the letter at:

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Carty brought shame to the city by kicking out the Marines when they were all scheduled and ready to train. No one called them, once the buses got here, he told them they had to leave. Not only this, but he goes on WJR and drops the F-Bomb, of course he says inadvertently. Carty almost labeled Toledo the "Berkeley of the mid-west" and the negative PR that this national story brought can't tell how much business was lost.

It's tempting to go through the mayor's so-called "facts" one by one but here is a quote that refutes the mayor's theses in one sentence.

"We don't determine truth by results, rather we determine truth by principles." -- John Warwick Montgomery in this podcastat time code 29:40.

Yup and the resulting empty lots that are too small to be built on, are a drain on the city.

The fact that there are so many dilapidated houses is not a positive aspect, no, it points out that more needs to be done to keep people here.

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