News Release Ohio Department of Taxation Analysis Issue 6, Ohio's Resort/Casino

Ohio Department of Taxation Analysis of ISSUE 6, Ohio's Resort Casino
Estimates come close to the studies and claims of

(Columbus, Ohio-October 8)- The Ohio Department of Taxation along with the
Ohio Secretary of State and the Ohio Office of Budget and Management have
released the state's study and analysis State Issue 6, Ohio's Resort Casino.

The Ohio Department of Taxation Director Richard A. Levin wrote in this
report's cover letter, "The attached analysis provides an estimate of both the
costs of operating the commission and the revenues that would be generated from
the tax. If passed by the voters, once the casino is fully operational, we
estimate that the annual yield from the gross casino
receipts tax would be between $209.1 million and $231.8 million. Out of
those receipts, $5.5 million would go to the Gaming Regulatory Commission for its
operations, $0.2 million would be allocated to the Department of Taxation to offset the costs of administrating the tax and distributing the proceeds to counties, and
between $2.1 million and $2.3 million would be dedicated to problem gambling programs. Of the remainder of the receipts, 10 percent, or between $20.1 million and $22.4 million would be allocated to Clinton County, and the remaining 90 percent, between $181.2 million and $201.4 million would be allocated on a per capita basis to all counties, including Clinton."

The full report can be accessed at


Rick Lertzman of MyOhioNow/Issue 6 said, " The report by Ohio's Tax
commissioner and Office of Budget and Management offers a concrete look at the
economic impacts of Issue 6, Ohio's Resort Casino. While our estimates are at a
gross casino return of approximately $800 million and a return of $240 million
in tax revenues to Ohio's 88 counties, the state study concludes a return to
the state between $209.1 million and $231.8 million with the gross casino
receipts at just below $700 million. This almost mirrors our estimates."

Dr. Brad Pressman of MyOhioNow/Issue 6 said, " I think this study by the
experts in our state government clearly shows the immense impact this project
will have on our state. When we are speaking of 5000 jobs and nearly 2600
construction jobs, this is an economic reality in these uncertain times that must
be adopted."

Other side:
Analysis says Ohio casino revenue figures vague

A proposed southwest Ohio casino could generate up to $232 million in annual tax revenue, but it’s unclear if the state would see any revenue from the project if a Native American casino is built in Ohio in the future, a state fiscal analysis found.

The analysis found that it’s unclear what would happen if a Native American casino were built in Ohio.

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The people at the top of the wealth and power pyramid are DESTROYING us.

"Hey, I think I'll dedicate myself to a money making scheme that might get me millions, or, as in the case of Nevada's Sheldon Adelson, billions! All at the expense of the American people, including families, and tax payers. Who cares, the hell with everyone else. And I can even whitewash it all, by claiming it creates jobs. That's right, I can make a fool of the American public and get rich at the same time! Isn't it great?"...

These television character villains are no role models. Greed is over rated.

Well informed American patriots are courageously trying to fight back against these manipulators. Sadly, the struggle often looks bleak on all fronts. Battles are lost on a daily basis. But gratefully, some battles are indeed won. The noble effort continues. History is not yet written.

I see Ohio issue 6 as one of these battles. Small as it may seem in the scheme of things, in times like these, every victory must me cherished.

Best Regards,
informed american patriot

[Sheldon Adelson links]

Who's behind Ohio issue 6?

The My Ohio Now Casino is a privately held company owned by Rick A. Lertzman and Brad A. Pressman.

It's partner is the corporation Lakes Entertainment, a company that consults with Native American tribes in developing casino gaming. It was founded by Lyle Berman.

It's board of directors is as follows -
Lyle Berman, Timothy Cope, Morris Goldfarb, Ray Moberg, Neil Sell, Larry Barenbaum, and Richard White (Weiss).

They've got a fight of their hands.

LOVE your country.

BEWARE of the government, the media, and the crooks seem to who own them both.

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