Councilman Tom Waniewski Newsletter - Oct. 2008

Franklin Park Land Use Plan

Participate in the Toledo 20/20 Land Use Plan for the Franklin Park Neighborhood. Neighborhood input is needed to help in updating the Land Use Plan for the City of Toledo. The Franklin Park Neighborhood is bounded by the Michigan state line, Secor Road, Central Avenue, and Sylvania Township.

Wednesday October 15, 2008

7:00 pm – 8:30 pm

Washington Branch of the Toledo-Lucas County Public Library

5560 Harvest Lane

Thursday October 30, 2008

7:00 pm – 8:30 pm

Christ the King Church

Parish Meeting Room

4100 Harvest Lane

Trilby Playground Equipment

The city received a $10,000 grant from Game Time to put new playground equipment in Trilby Park. The grant is a matching award. the other $10,000 is coming from the Trilby Park Association ($5,000) and the city's General Park Improvement Fund. I've seen the plans, and I can tell you that will be one fantastic playground. I'll keep you posted on construction time lines once all of the funding is locked in. I'm proud of a similar public/private partnership negotiated for Close Park; also in our district.

New Campus Alert System

The University of Toledo wants to install one more audio tower as part of their alert system. The tower would be placed on their property on Drummond and Bancroft. It would be 50 feet tall and would only sound during the regular tornado tests the first Friday of every month. Then only in case of an emergency. UT has worked hard to keep me informed of events on campus that may affect their neighbors. This new audio tower would be one-directional (as opposed to 360 degree transmission) and directed primarily to cover University and Gilham Halls. If you have any questions, please respond to me by email so I can answer your questions, clear up confusion, and/or pass on to UT.

Ovarian Cancer

As chairman of the Health and Community Relations Committee, I recently held a hearing on the topic of ovarian cancer. Did you know it is the fifth leading cause of death among women? I met with the survivors before the hearing (pictured right) and shared a few laughs. Three brave survivors testified at the hearing. I was so proud of them after hearing their stories. Each mentioned the strong support they received from their husbands and a support group that meets the second Tuesday of each month at noon at the Perrysburg Holiday Inn. I learned that women should request a "C125 blood test" periodically from their doctor. Please contact me if you need more information about this support group.

Dates to Remember

October 9th, Douglas Rd. Overpass Meeting -- 6:30 p.m. at Blessed Sacrament's new Neighborhood Center.
* October 15th and 30th, Land Use Plan for Franklin Park neighborhoods. See story above.
* October 7th and 21st, Toledo City Council Meetings -- 4 p.m. Government Center at Jackson and Erie. Come by this month. I will be "presenting" the agenda items.
* October 27th, Halloween trick or treating for the kids at Westfield Franklin Park -- 6 p.m. to 7 p.m.
5th District Business Spotlight
Pharmacy Counter Helping More People

The pharmacy business has come a long way since the Pharmacy Counter first came on the Toledo landscape in 1964. Today, robotic machines dispense prescriptions and sports medicine represents a marketing demographic all its own. But for long-time pharmacists Dennis Newsome and Marty Davis, owners of the Pharmacy Counter, good, old-fashioned customer service remains.

Today, the Pharmacy Counter has three locations including an expanding business in the 5th city council district on Central and Douglas. In the last six years the staff has grown from 35 employees to 115, including seven respiratory therapists and two certified athletic trainers. Newsome and Davis are active in the community in a humble way. Recently they became the only non-hospital site providing prescriptions to CareNet patients at reduced costs. They are part of the "black bag project" providing prescription medication to the homeless through a partnership with other public institutions.

I'm proud to have another fine, local business doing well in Toledo's 5th District.

Policy Corner
You've probably read more about the city's continued challenges balancing its budget. Some estimate we could be up to $7 million in the red. It was the same problem last year when I was running for city council. Recently almost $13 million was discovered in unspent Capital Improvements Project (CIP) money. This is the last year the city can take money from the CIP and move it over to the General Fund, where the deficit rests. My position is to stop spending until we have a true handle on income tax estimations and overtime costs and stop playing a shell shuffling game with your taxes. Until that time I will not support appropriations unless they are for police, fire, refuse, and infrastructure work. Additionally, the 2009 city budget, which must be balanced and submitted next month, must have realistic projections for income tax revenue. I am opposed to "creative" ways to find new sources of revenue. I've not found a creative way yet that keeps the city's hands out of your wallets.

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