After questioning, Cordray returns 10k from Wachovia rep

Cordray says he knows nothing about it and also says the 37% increase of business to Wachovia is not related to donation. Donation could be illegal because it was funneled through another person possibly done to skirt campaign finance limits. Kudos for the Dayton Daily News for asking questions and follow-up.
COLUMBUS — Less than two weeks after Democrat Richard Cordray was sworn in as Ohio treasurer, the stepdaughter of the Columbus-based salesman for Wachovia Securities donated $10,000 — the maximum allowed by law — to Cordray's campaign.

Wachovia soon grabbed 37.5 percent of the state's bond trading business, a big leap for the St. Louis-based company, which had done a little less than 1 percent of the bond trading for the treasurer's office in the prior six years under Republicans Joe Deters and Jeanette Bradley.

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My own opinion: Is it possible he did not know? Possible, but how many donors give 10k? The campaign has to take notice you would think. This is of course very similar to what Tom Noe did, but it will be interesting to see if this person gets prosecuted or even if the local paper mentions anything about it.

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