Who won the VP debate?

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and did reasonably well. Biden was Biden. Slight edge to Palin because she did better than conventional-wisdom expected. I'd be surprised if the polls move much over this.

From CNN Senior Political Analyst Bill Schneider

ST LOUIS, Missouri (CNN) — Palin's primary strength is her outside of Washington status. She doesn't act like an insider, she doesn't talk like an insider, and a lot of voters may respond to that.

- Just the KAT, thinking out loud again.

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You betcha! He's a maverick!

I watched the debate and did a shot of vodka every time the word maverick was used. I was shit faced...

Enlightened statesmen will not always be at the helm.
-James Madison, Federalist No. 10, November 23, 1787

Although I didn't watch the entire debate and unable to say 'who won', what I am impressed with is Palin's 'down-to-earth' personality and morals. She adds a 'human factor' to the mix that none of the others have, and contrary to Obama's claims, he just doesn't 'get it'.

She seems to be unspoiled by politics and I personally think that someone of her caliber would be a 'breath of fresh air' in the Whitehouse. I don't see the $$ signs and power grabbing intent in her eyes as the other candidates have.

Unfortunately, in order to get her into office, I've got to vote for McCain.


Once again the Libertarian party is nowhere to be found.

So once again there are only the two parties to choose from.

So, I'm thinking about voting for McCain/Palin in the hopes that the old fart RINO has a heart attack on inauguration day. McCain makes my skin crawl. He has been in bed with Democrats so often that he caught a case of Liberalism

Don't blame me,
I didn't vote for a

If you judge the debate strictly on its technical merits, Biden was the clear winner. He did a better job of answering the questions, making points, managing time, and showing a command of the issues. Palin evaded more questions, seemed more hesitant, and scored fewer points.

However, only debate geeks like me evaluate a debate in this way.

Viewers who tuned in to see a rhetorical train wreck from Palin were sorely disappointed, as she held her own and even got in a few zingers. Palin's solid-but-unspectacular performance will silence her critics on the right, and she defused what was becoming a runaway trend toward "Palin as Bad Political Joke." While I doubt that any partisan Democrats had a sudden desire to change their votes, with independents Palin significantly improved her image, and might have even snagged a few more undecided votes for McCain.

Biden's performance was everything it needed to be, as he stayed on message and even finished some answers early. His choking up as he discussed being a single parent after the death of his wife looked so real that even a cynical, jaded observer like me almost bought it. I still think it was an intentional affect, though the emotions behind it were undoubtedly real - like a great actor, Biden can submerse himself and deliver a powerful and emotive narrative. This stole some of the down-home, folksy persona that Palin cleverly mixed in, though Palin probably won the "Is This Politician Just Like Me" test.

Bottom line: Palin far exceeded expectations, while Biden adequately met his and simultaneously delivered one of the best technical debate performances in recent memory. Neither Plain nor Biden swayed many independents and undecideds, though Biden did a better job of attacking McCain than Palin did Obama. Slight edge to Biden in building a case for Obama, but only because Palin did not spend enough time on McCain beyond laudatory-but-superficial comments like "hero," "great American," and "maverick."

As an independent, the debate did a few things for me: my doubts about Palin being ready for the national spotlight were reduced, my opinion of Biden improved, but both candidates avoided talking specifics about how they would address the floundering US economy. While this is to be expected from politicians, I remain a discouraged citizen who is looking for leadership, not empty rhetoric like "we'll reform Washington" or "we'll reduce the tax burden on the middle class" or "we are mavericks."

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Wow – if you pull the string on Caribou Barbie she says one of twenty phrases… very impressive! Where do I get one?

The box says said the phrases were random, but it seemed like “Obama will raise taxes”, “you betcha” and “he’s a maverick” really seem to make it into the mix more often.

My favorite by far is “drill baby drill”…maybe I’ll order a second one…hmmm

I watched the debate two times, to the finish. And listened to R & D commentators on various news shows throw out their views on both Biden & Palin. CNN ran the debate with a graph at the bottom of the screen that gauged men & women's who were undecided - as to their reactions on both. Biden almost always was over the middle line & up to the top (favorable), while Palin rarely went over the mid line, stayed at the mid line, or most often, fell far below it (unfavorable). (men were the green line, women were the red on the graph). It was facinating to watch it that second time with the graph & I caught many things in the debate I'd missed the first time I watched it.

My reaction of Palin was that she was like a fingernail on a chalk board. The commentators counted at least 9 cutesy eye winks, and who knows how many 'you betcha's'. She came off as sarcastic, smug, arrogant & seemed to be smiling that stupid grin even at the wrong times (when Biden was talking about how he struggled at a single parent when his wife died, and how he didn't know if his kids would survive, Palin was staring at her notes & grinning like a damned fool, like she was being told a joke.). She seemed to spend a lot of time checking her notes on the podium. I have heard at least 3 reporters say that they saw her remove something from her waistband at the end - the implication being that she was being fed answers via a transmitter - if she got stuck, maybe being told to 'do speech number 3' , or 'do the energy speech'. It would explain why suddenly she's this wealth of information about things she knew nothing about a week ago.

She spewed out memorized bits the entire time practically. She completely ignored at least 3 -4 questions (because she didn't know how to answer, I assume) & just went off on her own rambling tangent. Whenever she spoke about what she'd done in Alaska, her ratings on the graph fell to the bottom. When she made the crack to Biden about how he was 'waving a white flag of surrender' (about pulling out of Iraq) - it plunged to the bottom of the graph. Biden was cautioned to 'be gentle' so he wouldn't look like he was being a bully - and he was blasted for being too soft spoken in the first half. Meanwhle, Palin came in gangbusters & used cheap, high-school girl ploys (eye winks, cutesy folksy comments) - and she wants to be treated with respect as a strong woman? Gwen I. was entirely too easy on Palin but I guess she could only nudge Palin "x" number of times to please respond to the question instead of doing her own thing. Palin came off as cartoonish to me - fake, rehearsed, tacky. I also got weary of hearing the word 'maverick' - good God how many times?? If you look up maverick in the dictionary, it's not really a good thing - impulsive, rash. They have used that word to death - it's a joke word by now & I wanted to throw something at the tv everytime I heard her say it. I do not want my VP or president to be a cartoon barbie - I do not want cutsey pie eye winks & 'you betcha's' - I want my VP & president to bring some semblance of dignity to the office.

We'll probably never know if Palin was being fed info through a transmitter - although Bush got caught doing that years back I believe (bulge in his jacket, but transmitters can be very tiny now). But it sure would explain why Palin suddenly didn't miss a beat, no empty pauses, no hesitant answers - completely contrary to her previous interviews. McCain should cut her loose & let her do more interviews - unscripted, on camera so we can see how she does. But he's got her under wraps for a good reason. Several of the tv news shows (both liberal & conservative) were able to count dozens of gaffes & mis-speaks by Palin - errors in what she'd said (and listed them), She also thought it was funny when the president of Pakistan got in trouble for hugging her (???). Can you even imagine a woman leader of a foreign country hugging a male VP candidate & telling him how 'gorgeous' he looked? Unprofessional. She did seem to take delight in meeting Kissinger - but he's been a skirt chaser his whole liife. She also rattled off the name of some world leader she'd met at the UN & it turns out, she never did meet him (he couldn't make it). Go figure. Two reporters called into CNN radio (1310 am) & said that they'd interviewed Palin 2 years ago, and she did not have any accent then - now she has a Minnosota accent (think "Fargo").

I also took issue with her using her baby as a prop - at 11 pm , there was no good reason that baby had to be at the debate (it's an adult activity is it not?). She pimped her kids out again. I assume they had nobody to watch the baby - so on that, I'll pass. If you did not watch the debate in full - I suggest you do so online. I suggest you watch it a second time with eyes open. (you catch a lot more the second time around). I think Palin cheapened the debate with her giggles & eye winks & stupid ass grins at very inappropriate times. Biden was talking about the genocide in Darfur & the dying people in Chad, and Palin (again) was staring at her notes on her podium & grinning like crazy - like she was hearing an inside joke or something) - completely inappropriate behaviour for the topic that was being discussed. If you doubt this was 'inappropriate' - consider if you saw a tv news reporter talking about an event that killed thousands of people while smiling stupidly the entire time. She came off as cheesy, slick (not in a good way), smarmy, smug, and sarcastic. Her debate performance more reminded me of a game show contestant, or a beauty queen pagent. I always though Hillary was annoying - her voice & mannerisms - but Palin's got her beat by a long shot.

McCain's medical records were released & apparently the stack of pages is huge. They were allowed a time limit (I think) to look through them, no photocopies allowed - but he did/does have a level 3 or 4 melanoma that has gone into his lymph nodes. They interviewed a dermatologist who deals in skin cancer on CNN radio who said that it measuresd 1" x 3/4" deep - he said that was a pretty serious melanoma, and that even if it was a level 2, if it had gone to the lymph nodes, it's dangerous & life threatening (could be less than a year). Don't be fooled because Palin can memorize bits & smile like a beauty queen (that's exactly what she's doing). She is not equipped to be president. How could she NOT have been able to tell Couric about a Supreme Court decision she disagreed with when Alaska vs Valdez wasn't that long ago? The news channels also poked a lot of fun at her (and dismay) at how she thinks (and presumes) that the role of VP should allow more executive powers (???). She's ignorant about the Constitution & how Congress & The Supreme Court works.

I also am weary of hearing her refer to us as 'joe six packs' - I am not a 'joe six pack' - the imagery isn't one that I feel speaks to me at all. In fact, I kind of resent that she calls us that. A 'joe six pack' implies somebody who sits on their ass drinking beer all day - with a double implication that they are lazy & stupid & moronic. Palin is nothing like me - she's not anything like most women I know - outside of being a mom. She has misused her power in Alaska, she's thrown her weight around, fired good people to put her friends in (she put her childhood girlfriend in the job of Secretary of Agriculture at 70 grand a year & her only qualification was that as a kid, she liked cows - that is a FACT.). She's another Oregon mayor, Marge Brown - back stabbing, power abusing. Don't let that stupid grin of hers fool you - she's laughing inside.

A man's response to Palin's eye winks (he needs to get laid). People will vote for McCain to get Palin because of THIS??? Good God, I can't believe men are this pathetic.