Don't give the money to "BIG BANKING". Give it to the homeowners. i.e. The AMOUNT involved.

The reality of the numbers involved.

The proposed bailout for the fat cat banks on Wall St. was $700,000,000,000 (i.e. $700 Billion)

The number of owner occupied houses in America (according to the latest Census info) is 75,086,485

Total amount of tax dollars that would be donated to the big corporate banking giants PER OWNER OCCUPIED HOUSEHOLD
$700.000.000,000 divided by 75,086,485

$9322.59 PER house

I truly think that taxpayer money would be better off back in the hands of the taxpayers INSTEAD of propping up huge corporations. All of these people facing forclosure could to a hell of alot with nearly $10,000

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Hardly seems like it'd be fair to those homeowners who did not buy homes they couldn't afford & did pay their mortgages - even when it was damned hard to pay their mortgage payment each month, they did it. Lots of homeowners would love an extra $9,000. to pay down their mortgages, and it seems inequitable to suggest that those with risky mortgages get rewarded with a 'save'. Granted, many may be facing foreclosure due to job loss - but many more are those who bought homes with zero money down payment, or interest only mortgages, or more home than they could afford working under the presumption that the adjustable rate wouldn't swing too high, or those who figured they'd be able to flip the house before the rates rose & lost the gamble. Those big investment banks, etc. that seem to need this huge bail out, are businesses too big to fail - the govt will bail them out, while small businesses would go under with no govt help. Hardly seems fair. Handing over 9 grand to some people in foreclosures also seems unfair.

Rewarding stupidity by bailing out those people who got themselves into this mess is just wrong.

However, if mommy government is going to give away $700.000.000.000 in taxpayer money, then give it back to ALL taxpayers, not just the banking conglomerates who have screwed the pooch all by themselves.

If all homeowners had $10,000 of their own money back, those who got themselves in over their heads could get themselves out, and the rest of us could REALLY jump start the economy.

Don't blame me,
I didn't vote for a

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