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I have a question those of you who are using Windows Vista: I am having a horrible problem with file corruptions and other file related issues. Have any of you experienced this? I am wondering if I have a hard drive problem. Let me know you thoughts. I think Windows XP is much more reliable than Vista, but maybe there is something wrong with the computer. I am normally a Mac person, but Apple has yet to create another Apple Newton so this one fills the role.

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Depending on what brand of machine you own, you can probably download some sort of diagnostics software from the manufacturers support website.

If it's not available from the manufacturer, you can try Microsofts version, or I can send you an ISO (generic CDROM image) of some of my diagnostics software.

And yes, from my23 years experience, Vista has problems vs. WinXP. We are avoiding Vista like the plague.

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I have a laptop with Vista, and I liked my older XP better in terms of performance. Vista sucks up so much memory that you really need at least a 2-Gig RAM chip to run it. My older laptop ran much faster with less RAM, despite Microsoft's claims that a 512-MB RAM is sufficient for Vistas.

Probably not related to the file corruption issue, but thanks for letting me vent about Vista.

My Vista machine runs like a champ...of coarse 4 Gigs of memory and a quad core don't hurt.

Chris it sounds like a hard drive issue and not a OS issue...

My answer would be to move to a Mac machine. I've been using PCs for twenty-some years and just about every one has failed at some point. The MS OS platform is buggy and unreliable. My next machine will definitely be a MAC.

On Debian now, chkdsk /f helped to resolve a lot of issues.

thanks for the advice. I will download some tools and run some tests. The manufacturer tests did not come up with anything odd. I did a restore on the computer 3 weeks ago and all of a sudden issues are starting to crop up again. The computer came with XP and Vista both, I am really thinking about trying XP because I can't keep redoing the computer or get notes I have taken locked up due to a file corruption issue. I am well surrounded by Macs and I prefer them.

You might not have a disk problem but a memory problem.

Vista is unique in that it will cache to memory before writing to disk. It is a feeble attempt to make disk read/write faster.

If you have bad memory, it can also cause disk "corruption" because the OS is actually writing the wrong data to the HD.

Try memory tests like Memtest X86 running from Windows PE.
Here is a link to download instructions and utilities for Windows PE (Preinstallation Environment)

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I didn't vote for a

thanks for the tip.

A Dell Dimension specifically?

If so, I can almost guarantee it is bad memory.

Don't blame me,
I didn't vote for a

It is a fujitsu. You memory thing is very interesting because some corruptions come and go. I will keep watching it.

Ya gotta love it when Microsoft comes out with patches or a new version of Windows.

They replace the old bugs with brand new ones.

We call 'em "FEATURES"

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Re: File corruption on Windows Vista
The next time you have this issue you can back up all your data and gather together all program disks, and check manufacturer web site for drivers, for a complete re-install with a formatting before re-install. Use the avanced settings when re-loading and change the BIOS to boot from CD drive 1st, HDD second. Many of the manufacturer disks are loaded with crapware and certain brands have a higher percentage of actual bad hard drive images from the factory. The true cure is a total re-formatting and a fresh re-load of the operating system.
Make sure you have all your key-codes written down on a separate drive or flash drive. Go to and download Jalapeno Keyfinder and Belarc advisor, run them and and save results as text files to another USB drive.
I actually like Vista and notice that it runs well when loaded natively without any manufacturer bloatware added.The truth of the matter here is that much of the manufacturer software was never really designed for Vista. The restore partition is also not a true clean
install. This sounds to me like the restore partition has a bad image on it that is itself corrupted. You can closely watch the rolling lines of (restore code), (during a Vista re-install) and look for failures and re-attempts and that will be the first clue about the integrity of the restore-image itself.

You need a Vista disk for the clean install. You can run drive fitness tools, chkdsk, and manufacturer drive fitness tools. I personally believe your original disk image was corrupted from the factory. This happens, and it happens a lot.

You can also take your model number of your computer and go to various online troubleshooting forums and see if anyone else had the same problems and what did they do to fix them? Scroll through the lists to get to the answers that may apply to your situation. Dell Forums has a lot of knowledgable people, and there are also other forums, Lenovo, Compaq, and some unofficial sites as well. Just about everything is listed by model number and it makes it easier to pin down a problem. Many times the real problem won't be close to what you may have guessed it was. Keep in mind also, that that not everyone on those forums knows what they are talking about.

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