Palin: New Great Depression may be on way

NEW YORK - Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin said yesterday that the United States could be headed for another Great Depression if Congress doesn't act on the financial crisis.

Mrs. Palin made the comment in an interview with CBS Evening News anchor Katie Couric while visiting New York to meet foreign leaders.

Mrs. Palin has been in New York this week for a series of meetings with foreign leaders, part of an effort by Republican John McCain's presidential campaign to counter criticism that the governor of Alaska and former small-town mayor lacks the experience to be vice president, let alone president in an emergency.

As Mrs. Palin sought to establish her credentials in world affairs, First Lady Laura Bush said Palin lacked sufficient foreign policy experience, but was "a quick study."

The CBS interview was just her third major interview in nearly four weeks on the GOP presidential ticket. Asked whether there's a risk of another Great Depression if Congress doesn't approve a $700 billion bailout package, Mrs. Palin said, "Unfortunately, that is the road that America may find itself on."

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Palin isn't qualified to wager if this country is on the verge of another depression - she's parroting words that have been fed to her. Or, voicing her own fears - which isn't good either - but she's learned how to play the game of making people afraid, make them very afraid - and they'll be thrilled to have the government take over things for them. One commentator on a news show made the excellent point, that both Palin & Bush erred in their scary language - that there are many older people who hear talk like that & panic. (many younger people as well). Neither Bush or Palin has done very well about instilling confidence that everything will work out in the end (whether it does or doesn't, isn't for Palin to speculate on - and inciting fear in the public isn't healthy either.).

I found it to be an interesting coincidence that McCain felt the sudden need to rush in to 'save the bail out day', about the same time he dropped in the polls (where was he a week or month ago?) - about the same time they (bail out commentators) were talking about insuring provisions that us tax payers would be paid back when the market improved (we didn't cause this, we shouldn't have to pay to fix it) - saying it'd be more of a loan by us taxpayers, than a handout. And zoom - in rushes McCain. Barbara Boxer wondered today on the radio why he feels the need to hang around in Washington (rather than do the debate) - to quote ; "Is he waiting for the ink to dry?" On news today there was talk that McCain had a 'better idea" that angered those who had been working on this bail out plan before he got there.

As for Mccain's cancelling the debate - My son summed it up well I think - he said it appears that McCain is stalling for time. There's not much time left before the election, and there's supposed to be 3 debates. If they don't have time to do all 3 debates, guess which debate will be scrapped? (hint - the VP debate).

Editiorial in today's Blade angered me to no end - pics of Palin's campaign buttons, looking all hot & sexy with hot & sexy slogans (2 of them) - so much for bringing dignity into the office. If I were her kids, I'd be embarrassed for her. They look like she's running for bartender of the year (or an aging beauty queen caught up in the drama that 'they like me, they really like me (and I'm pretty!") I thought they were tacky & looked very juvenile - I doubt even college sorority girls would stoop so low to win an election. Looks high school to me. The man who wrote the editorial - I only hope he wrote it in jest, otherwise it speaks horribly about the average American man (all we need is cleavage). Save it for the strip clubs & cheesy movies. Our forefathers must be rolling in their graves.

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