lol @ the mccain campaign

this just in: "John McCain suspends campaigning to work on economy, requests postponing Friday debate; asks Obama do the same."

while he wont say it, I hope this is obama's response:

"Breaking News: Barack Obama says "oh, NOW that it's time to take the test, you want to do some actual studying? Too late. I'm prepared, you're not."

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Hearings = Daytime
Debates = Nighttime

even if he wanted to 'help' all he could do is sit in the room. He's not on the board and has nothing to do with this until a bill is sitting on his desk.

just saw this:

"The Only Thing That's Changed In The Last 48 Hours Is The Public Polling"

from here:

McCain has gone from “the fundamentals of our economy are strong” to “we have to suspend the campaign and delay the debates in order to deal with the greatest economic crisis since WWII” in about a week.

obama's totally appropriate response:

"this is exactly the time when the american people need to hear from their leaders" ... "presidents are going to have to deal with more than one thing at a time"

be interesting to see what happens and who blinks. I also wonder what the perception of most everyone else is about McCain's unprecedented request.

McCain's move is simply this: he knows that an imploding economy is a boost for Obama, since Americans blame the Republicans something like 75-25 over the Democrats for the "responsibility" for the crisis. By playing the part of the dedicated, selfless statesman, he is gambling that he can make Obama look like the political opportunist if Obama insists on maintaining the debate schedule.

Now, whether or not you believe McCain's stunt, there is the interesting proposition related to what happens afterward. If Obama agrees to "
suspend" his campaign just like McCain, it looks like he is following McCain as a natural leader. If Obama refuses to follow McCain's lead, he runs the risk of being seen as someone who puts politics over country.

Of course, if popular opinion swings against McCain, this ploy could backfire, but McCain seems to be gambling that any move Obama makes looks like Obama is reacting to McCain, taking away from Obama's natural momentum from the negative economic numbers.

Anyways, in a detached observation mode, I find the strategy quite intriguing, and I will be interested to see if McCain's tactic works.

now is precisely the time to debate and discuss this. One of these guys will be the next president, this is likely to be at the top of his agenda and the voting public should see what both have to say on the matter.

Sounds like a lame stunt in an attempt to stop Obama's recent momentum in the polls.

I personally don't buy for one moment that McCain is "suspending" anything, and I agree completely that this is political shennanigans of the highest degree.

But it's a helluva drama, like a high-stakes game of chicken. McCain is probably betting that - even if Obama calls his bluff - the network will not present a debate between Obama and an empty podium, so it will get cancelled.

I just can't figure out how this will play with the average voter. Does McCain end up looking like an empty shirt for a stunt, does Obama look less "noble" for insisting on the scheduled debate, or do people just get pissed at all the grandstanding and ignore both of them?

the debate until December. The Letterman show should be a blast tonight. McCain blew the show off and lied and said that he had to leave for Washington right away. I guess he is still in New York, won't leave until the morning.

Too, too funny.

You are quite perceptive and I say this not because I thought much the same. Everything must be viewed in a political context.

McCain in his pick of Palin demonstrated that he will take advantage of a political opportunity.

My problem is that it is cloaked in "country first". He has created a most interesting test for Obama in hopes the American people will assume that his only concern is America and not winning the election.

Has all the advance work paid off? He must think so to take such a huge gamble.

to give a real explanation about what is going on with this collapse.

We are all Georgians now!

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Pink Slip

tonight? How many more days until this clown is gone? He came on at 9:00 and was off by 9:15.

McCain also called for an unprecedented move by demanding that the VP debates not be 'debating', but to be limited to 30 second question & answers because Palin is inexperienced in debating. I can't even imagine this request being made for a male candidate. Palin says she's VP material? Then she should be able to do the debate in the traditional way. Like the old saying, "If she can't play with the big dogs, she should stay on the porch", I think it's pretty sexist for McCain to even suggest the debate style be altered to more suit her 'inexperience'. My son pointed out that it seems to be just another extention of the 'dumbing down' of America.

I was browsing the list of possible VP picks McCain COULD have chosen from, and it seems to me, that if he wanted a woman VP, there were several highly qualified women to choose from on that list. Two women senators from Alaska & Washington for starters - their resumes & experience make Palin's look pathetic. Their qualifications are stunning. Both are women, both probably have some type of religious faith & possibly have kids (that seems important about Palin to a lot of people - (although, as a mom I can't even imagine leaving my newborn special needs baby after 3 days to go back to work, and despite what pediatricians say about how important a mother's presense is in a baby's first year of life - Palin seems to be quite absent for much of that baby's life - but that's me, she's free to mother any way she chooses - but people seem to love that she has kids). . Anyway - either one of these women are so much more qualified than Palin - it only confirms to me McCains' reasons for picking her as VP - he assumes women are stupid & gullible.,_2008

im refreshingly surprised and pleased to see everyone understands what a bad chess move mccain made today (regardless of all our party lines)

part of me has a hard time believing this year's election is even real.. at times it feels like im living in some sort of bizarre-o movie.

but then days like today happen, when it's obvious real humans (flawed as we all are) make obviously poor choices.. and i say to myself "phew"

you've GOT to love politics

I heard on tv news tonight that McCain isn't even on the committee - so he won't be much help anyway. But there's some speculation that yes, it's a ploy by McCain so he can claim to be the hero who 'fixed' America's finanical mess, while Obama didn't try to help at all. (never mind the fact that Obama had spoken/written over a year ago, warning of this potential disaster) Dodd said he hadn't heard from McCain at all, but did from Obama - until today.

On another note - Katie Couric's interview with Palin - I give huge points to Couric, for not letting up on Palin's meandering off topic 3 times in a row, while never answering the question - to the point Katie got annoyed & demanded an answer -to which Palin's response was something like "I'll have to find that out & get back at ya". hmmmmm. Seems Palin can handle questions in small doses, as long as they fall within the range she's studied up for. She met with the Afgan leader & discussed kids - of course he smiled, everybody likes to talk about their kids - but I'd have preferred something with more meat to it. I also took issue with the fact that Palin refused to allow reporters in while she met with these leaders - CNN was the only one, and almost backed out completely (killing her photo op moment) - so Palin 'allowed' cnn 28 seconds to take a photo.

she doesn't really need to 'know' anything...she's "gorgeous":

the woman's clueless and in far, far over her head. She looked like a deer in the headlights.

I'll say this in her defense about the 'Great Depression' statement. Couric brought that up herself and Palin said 'it was a road we might go down' or something like that. Had Palin been the one who first mentioned it it would be a more serious issue.

Hey, I'm just striving to be fair.

im refreshingly surprised and pleased to see everyone understands what a bad chess move mccain made today (regardless of all our party lines

From my perspective most of the poster to this article (exceptions to HM.and CM) are well known Barack Obama supporters. I hardly see how it qualifies as "everyone".
It may well play out to me a brilliant chess move. While it hasn't mated Obama, it surely has put him in check.

- Just the KAT, thinking out loud again.

If man has no tea in him, he is incapable of understanding truth. ~Japanese Proverb

mccain cancled his letterman appearance tonight

Now the Palin/McCain camp wants to push back the VP debate. Haha

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Pink Slip

until December!

I agree with my son, who says that McCain cancelled the debate - is stalling for time, so there won't be enough time to do all 3 debates before the election. Guess which debate would be eliminated? (hint - the VP debate). It would be interesting to see Palin try to hold her own with McCain when he gets really pissed off at her - he called his wife the "C" word in public (loud enough to be heard by many) - just imagining the two of them going at it. I also wonder how she feels she can sell herself by being perky & sexy (I know sex sells, but we should be past this for something like a presidential election) - I mean, isn't that a bit of a clash with being religious - or that the least, an urge to not want to embarrass your kids because you're proud of being a MILF? Lots of cheap shot jokes at her expense, some pretty sleazy. And yes, she's pretty & attractive & has a bubbly personality - but she's no great beauty. Raise the standards a bit for 'gorgeous'. Other than the cleavage on her campagin button, I fail to see what's so 'sexy' & "hot" about her. Of course Kissihnger would like her - he liked anything in a skirt. (can you even imagine any other president's wife or vp candidate doing cleavage shots for campaign buttons?)

Out of curiosity, I googled "maverick" & according to wikipedia -
A maverick is an unbranded range animal, especially a motherless calf; it can also mean a person who shows independence of thought or action; a lone dissenter; a non-conformist or rebel.

(doesn't instill much confidence in me with McCain)

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