Chrysler switching gears, to add electric car by 2010; 3 prototypes include Jeep Wrangler

The mountain-climbing, desert-traversing Jeep Wrangler could be headed on a new adventure: to an electric outlet.

Manufacturer Chrysler LLC yesterday unveiled an electric-drive prototype of the Toledo-built model intended to go 400 miles — about the distance between northwest Ohio and Knoxville, Tenn.— on eight gallons of gas.

That’s 50 miles to the gallon, or more than double the vehicle’s current highway fuel economy.

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A large vehicle relying on electricity to be its motive power? And how will the electricity be generated for this vehicle? The picture shows a plug. Right now we use natural gas, oil, and nuclear energy to generate electricity. Seems like there will be additional demand on the grid. Which choice will we make: a/c to counter global warming, or more electricity for our overweight Wranglers.

Old South End Broadway

Both have small gas powered engines to charge up the batteries.

good for jeep! i hope they keep them produced in toledo!

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