Who is Fred Merkle and why is he a bonehead?

Sports Illustrated's Keith Olberman has an article on Fred Merkle and how his mistake brought him shame and changed baseball. The article is titled "The Goof That Changed the Game" and is about baseball Yes, Fred was from Toledo. Read the great article at:


A teaser:

What happened next has been debated for a century. As McCormick neared the plate Giants fans stormed the field, both to celebrate and to beat the quickest path to the elevated trains and streetcars beyond the rightfield fence. While the diamond was overrun, the Giants, as players did in such situations then, began sprinting for the safety of their clubhouse in centerfield. Merkle, heading for second, took a right turn and joined the exodus.

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that was the day I got married 30 years ago.

What a bonehead move on my part !

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